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How to Make a Family Boating Enjoyable

By:Tim Shank

With boating season about to get into full swing, it is time to think about packing up your gear and your family and heading to the lake. Going out on the boat with your family can be a fun experience that can create many happy childhood memories for your children. Growing up on the water is an experience that not all children get to have. There are some things that you can do to help add to the experience.

The first thing that you need to do is to pick a boating destination. Children enjoy riding on the boat, but they also will not want to ride around endlessly all day. They need something to look forward to. If you are a family that enjoys skiing, then board your boat and take a scenic cruise to the best skiing spot on the lake. If your children like to be pulled on a float, then make your way to calmer waters where they can enjoy being pulled on the float without having to worry about other boats. If sunbathing is a priority, then a calm inlet where you can tie floats to the boat and be lazy in the water is a perfect spot. We have an island close to us where there is a beach volley ball court and a water volley ball court set up in shallow water. This seems to be the spot for the teenagers to congregate and parents to relax together. Younger children might enjoy a nature cruise, looking for turtles, fish and flowers.

Pack plenty of food and drinks for your family. If you have a teenage son who eats and eats and eats, then have snacks available for him. A picnic lunch on the water or on the beach of an island are both good ideas. If you have access to a restaurant on the water, then take advantage of an hour out of the sun and in the air conditioning to fuel up for more water fun.

Take along games such as cards or a favorite board game. If your children need a break from being in the water, they can play a game on deck or down below. The children can play games inside the boat while you ride around leisurely, which works for both of you.

Have fun making memories with your family on the water. Whether you are swimming, skiing or relaxing in the water or on the boat, enjoy the family time that boating together gives you. In this fast paced world, being out on the water, away from it all is a good time out for everyone.

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