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Having A Career In Sports

By:John Kortex

As children there are many people who dream of being professional athletes, but the reality is that the majority of people wonít make it that far. Itís not that people who have a real passion for their sport shouldnít dream of being a professional athlete, they should just remember that itís truly one in a million athletes who are that good, that consistently. While some of the people who dream of being a professional athlete make it, the others who donít make it donít need to think that they cannot have a career in sports. Even if you canít play professionally, you can make a career out of sports and still really enjoy your job.

Many people get so down in the dumps when they realize that they wonít be playing professional baseball, football, or basketball but there is still so much that can be done with their love for sports. There are plenty of outlets associated with sports that will be a good outlet for your talents and knowledge of the sport that you so love. There are opportunities to work with kids, and even work with professional athletes as a trainer on other capacities. So, if you love professional sports and you just didnít quite have what it takes to play, donít give up on sports altogether.

Instead of giving up on the dream to have a career in sports, just recreate it a bit. Consider going to school to get your teaching degree so that you can teach and also coach children who are just developing a passion for sports. You can help children develop their talents so perhaps they can make it and enjoy the world of professional sports. Helping to develop other people into the professional athlete you always wanted to be will be almost as rewarding as getting there yourself.

Coaching children for fun is also something you can do, even if you donít decide to make a career out of sports. Coaching little league or fun leagues is a great way to stay in the game and make a difference in the life of someone who has as much passion for the sport as you do. You can help someone develop their talents so that they have a chance at realizing your dreams, from your experience youíll be able to help shape and guide them on their journey to the big leagues.

While you may be disappointed that you arenít a professional athlete yourself, it doesnít have to be the end of sports for you. You can take your experiences and let other people benefit from them. When you have a hand in the development of an athlete youíll feel alive again, and when you can share your passion with other people itís even better.

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