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One of the Quickest and Easiest Way to Dramatically Increase Your Website’s Page Rank

By:Tim Wright

A really fast way to improve your website’s PR is through the purchase of text links.

The first step to implementing this strategy is to go to a text link broker and look for sites that are relevant or a good complement to your website’s subject material.

The broker will have all of the necessary information, such as the cost of the text link (many sites will charge either a flat rate, or a monthly fee), what kind of website the website selling the text link will (or won’t) allow links from and so on.

Buying or renting a text link from a website will often increase your website’s PR value and visitor traffic because:

-text links are one way links, which are seen as having more weight than reciprocal linking by the search engines
-you can buy text links from a website that has a higher PR value than you do which increases the total PR value of websites that link to you, increasing your website’s PR value.
-a link from a high PR website can provide a huge boost to your visitor traffic, as they typically have a large volume of people who regularly visit their site, giving your website’s url a large amount of exposure, increasing your chances of attracting more traffic
-high PR sites often get spidered by the larger search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN more often, and if your site is listed on a site that gets spidered, your site will also get spidered, increasing the chances that you will get more of your pages indexed.

Buying text links are a quick and easy way to increase your website’s PR and visitor traffic, but it can also be expensive to do so.

The cost really depends on how competitive your market is. If the market is really competitive, and a website has a high PR value of say 7 or 8, buying or renting a text link from them will be a lot more expensive as it takes a lot of time and effort to get a high PR value in a competitive market, and there is a lot of demand from other websites wanting a link from them.

As a result of the expense of acquiring backlinks this way (either through buying or renting), this strategy should be used to supplement and enhance your current linking strategy, not as a primary course of action.

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