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The Pomeranian Dog Breed

By:Lee Dobbins

The Pomeranian is a lively and intelligent toy breed dog. This dog has a double coat with a soft dense undercoat and longer, harsh outer coat. He is short backed with a plumed tail that is held high and folds over to sit flat on his back. This animated dog seems to always be smiling.

The ideal weight for this breed is 4 to 6 pounds and the breed limits are 3 to pounds. The dog should be sturdy when examined. He is compact with the distance between shoulders and buttocks a bit shorter than the distance between withers and ground.

The Pomeranian has a triangular head with the top of the skull being rounded with a well pronounced stop. He resembles a fox in appearance although his muzzle is rather short. The almond shaped eyes are bright and alert and dark in color. He has small ears that are upright at the top of his head and carried perfectly erect. The nose and eye rims should be black with the exception of the blue and brown colorations.

The stance of the Pomeranian is a proud one with the head carried high. He has a compact body and moderately muscled shoulders. His feet should be set straight ahead and not turn to the inside or point out.

The double coat of the Pomeranian helps give it its fluffy appearance. The coat is longer in the neck and chest and shorter on the legs. The tail has long lustrous hair that flows over the dogs back. There are many colors and patterns permissible in the breed. The black and tan pattern allows for tan above the eyes, on the forechest, muzzle, throat, legs and feet. The brindle pattern has a base color of red, gold or orange with black stripes. A Parti-color Pomeranian is white with patches of any other color and has a white blaze on the head. Poms can come in red, sable, orange, cream, white, black, brown and blue.

Although the Pomeranian can appear to be somewhat dainty, he is also a lively extrovert with extreme intelligence that will steal anyones heart. He has a free moving gait and lively step. They make wonderful companion dogs as well as great show dogs.

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