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Sourcing For Cars To Sell In Ebay Car Auctions

By:KB Lim

Selling high-priced items such as ebay car auctions is getting more and more popular these days. In fact, according to ebay motors, a vehicle is sold every 10 seconds, a car part or accessories is sold every second. Over 10 million shoppers visit ebay motors every month looking to buy cars or car parts.

The reason why ebay car auctions are popular among ebay sellers is pretty obvious since the profits per sale are high. You only need to sell 1 to 2 cars on ebay motors each month to make a handsome profit.

So how do you find cars to sell on ebay motors? Basically I have used 2 ways.

Car Dealers

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of car dealers who are still advertising offline via the usual marketing methods such as advertising in car magazines, posters, tv and radio.

From my personal experience, the main reason why these car dealers do not sell on ebay motors is not because they do not know about ebay. It is because they do not have technical knowledge of uploading photos, putting auction description and such. One car dealer I know of have not touched a computer in his life!

So this is where you can come in and offer your services and in return if the car is sold successfully on ebay motors, you get a commission. I donít need to tell you even if it is a just 2 percent commission, you could still get a few hundred dollars easily.

Classified Ads

If you flip through your daily newspapers, you can probably find a lot of people trying to sell their cars in the classified ads section. Some of these people have been advertising for quite a while which could mean they did not manage to sell their cars.
You could contact them and offer to sell their car. Since they could not sell their car, it should not be too difficult to convince them to give you a shot at selling it. In return, you arrange with the car owner to receive a small commission for your work.

The above 2 methods have worked well for me. The good thing about both methods is you get to pick which cars you want to sell particularly for classified ads. If you have been on ebay motors for a while, you will realize certain types of cars sell better and more easily than others. Examples are classic or vintage cars. Basically cars that are rare or unusual.

One thing you have to note is most car dealers will probably not give you a exclusive time period to sell the car. Therefore in your auction, always state the car is on sale on other sites or other ways and that you reserve the right to end the auction early.

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Dan Lim is a ebay seller who has been quietly earning a comfortable living online. Visit his site for more ebay selling secrets and strategies

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Sourcing For Cars To Sell In Ebay Car Auctions


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