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Create A Fitness Centre Right in Your Own Home with the Bowflex Home Gym

By:Nazima Golamaully

These days many people donít have the time to go to a club to do push-ups and crunches. And many are not ready to pay the extra bucks for equipment they donít use. So the trend is to set up your own home gym, where you not only have the option of getting only the equipment which is necessary for you but you can also enjoy your privacy.

Bowflex, with its years of experience and know-how could be your ideal partner when it comes to setting up your fitness centre in your home. There have been rumors about Bowflex being all hype and little substance. Well, they are rumors. In fact Bowflex is value for money.

What you get is proper toning of your muscles and a figure to envy. With its benches and bars it reduces the flab in your body in almost no time and what you get within weeks is a perfectly shaped body. With such amazing results very few clients ever shift to any other equipment.

There is also this allegation that Bowflex equipment is expensive. But such allegations are completely baseless. The amount you have to dish out for a Power Pro model is all but $999. What you get in return is over 6o different styles of exercise. If you plan to make an entire home gym by buying the pieces of equipment separately, you will run up bills much more than what you are paying for one Bowflex. So it cannot be said to be expensive but it could appear so only because you think that all you are getting is one machine. But what you are actually getting is over sixty different types of exercises.

Now you would be wondering if it is really possible to do sixty exercises in one machine. But it is the truth. And doing those exercises will help you tone up your entire body, from your arms and legs to your chest and shoulders and abdominal muscles. And if you want to, you can have special attachments for your model so that you can make your exercises even more effective. However, such attachments are not required initially and the basic Power Pro model provides you with enough options.

Instead of using weights for resistance, Bowflex uses composite bars that work on a system of pulleys. The basic model offers you a resistance of up to 210 lbs that can be upgraded in higher end models. Donít be worried if you see your bars bending cause that is what actually needs to happen. However you wouldnít be complaining of them breaking or cracking. And even if they do break, you always us the lifetime warranty to fall back on which Bowflex offers you for your power rods.

One great thing about Bowflex is the little space it requires. It can easily fit into your apartment and is ideal for small spaces. Even moving it around is a piece of cake, as you can fold it and just pull it on its wheels.

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