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Is It Time to Go Forward or Step Back In Your Relationship?

By:Jenna Stevenson

Many people are stuck in relationships that seem to be going nowhere. They arenít moving forward and neither of the people involved is ready to throw in the towel. Relationships canít always be fun, exciting, and you wonít always be filled with that intoxicating feeling that you are overcome with when you first meet someone. But, how does one know when it is time to quit a relationship or time to take the next step?

So many people say that they ďjust knewĒ that it was right when they met that special someone. Donít worry; if you arenít sure, you arenít alone. In fact, many people have doubts, even as they are taking that next step, or even as they are walking down the aisle. Itís normal to question whether someone, and your current situation, is right for you, right for the person you are involved with, and will fulfill you over time.

Relationships are hard, and they take a lot of compromise. If you think that the relationship you are in should end, what are your reasons? Itís a good idea to sit down and list all of the good and bad things about the relationship. Then, look at the good things; do the bad elements of the relationship outweigh the good things? Are the bad elements of the relationship anything that you could change? Are you or your partner willing to change, or is best to throw in the towel before you waste anymore time? Really analyze the relationship, you should have to earn your way out of the relationship and quitting should be the last option.

If you think that you should go forward in the relationship, you should also analyze this choice. For instance, if you have been dating the same person for ten years and you suddenly want to get married, why the sudden change? Are you in a hurry because you think you ďshouldĒ get married? If you are feeling pressure from other people and the decision didnít come from the heart, taking the next step may not be the best idea. If you want to progress in the relationship it should come from the heart and you should take steps to see if the relationship really can stand the test of time. If there are things that you cannot stand about the person you are with, then donít take the next step. On the other hand, if you have just needed ten years to get comfortable with the idea of marriage, thatís fine! You just need to be sure that the next step is yours and that you are comfortable with it.

Relationships take a lot of work and we all realize what we want and need at different times. If you believe it may be time to end a relationship or take that next step forward, be sure that it is a logical thought process. Itís always a good idea to list the pros and cons of your decision and then go from there. When you are sure of what you want, itís a lot easier to make a relationship work or make a clean break.

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