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By:Noam Moses

You have seen it in the movies but now it is real, face recognition access control systems are no longer a bright idea for the future; it is already here for your home & office.

Recognix Technologies are first to bring you secure and user friendly face recognition access control system for your home PC. Armed with a regular web-camera, FaceCode™ controls access to your PC using advanced biometric face recognition technology. FaceCode™ is set to revolutionize the way PC security is regarded by users.

From windows access control through sensitive work and personal data encryption, to application launch protection, FaceCode™ supplies you with all the answers. By using biological verification, FaceCode™ grants Logon access only to registered computer users, and decrypt file, folder and applications solely to those with specific security clearance.

The moment you sit in front of your PC, FaceCode™ recognises your facial characteristics and Logs you on to your computer settings. Once you are logged on, you can fully control the access to any file/folder or application using your face as the only secured key.

Recognix face recognition technology operates much in the same way as humans recognize each other. Using advance pattern recognition and frequency analysis algorithms, the recognition is highly accurate and reliable.

FaceCode™ is the first product in the market to provide face recognition PC access control – you have to see it to believe.

Key Features of FaceCode™

•Wizard-based installation, setup and enrolment.
•Secure logon to Windows using face authentication.
•Protected Application Launch- specific applications can only be activated using face authentication.**
•Files and Folder Encryption- secures sensitive data using encryption key, based on face authentication for access.**
•Password Bank- stores user names and passwords for secure logon to Windows and web applications.**
•Screen saver lock secured by face authentication.


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