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5 Powerful Tips For A Stressfree Workplace

By:Kam Meng Mok

Nowadays, career is believed to be the most common stressor for majority of the people in this world. No matter you are employee, employer or self-employed person, you are just canít escape yourself from this suffocating event before you know the right way.

Why is this inescapable and how could it happen? You may ask.

Some of the people might think that stress is from no where, itís no odor and no sound. While some of other people might think that the root cause of work stress is actually comes from workload, debt, deadline or difficult client they facing with.

But the answer is: No!

Imagine workload, deadline and fussy customer is equivalent to gun powder while management skill is equivalent to a trigger.

As we know, gun powder is a dangerous explosive substance but it is harmless when it comes to complete control. With appropriate management skill, workload, deadline or more draining events will be altered to oneself achievements.

If gun powder is accumulated from days to days and we are not armed with powerful management skill. The consequences will be unbearable and severe enough to lose oneís life. So, what we need is actually proper management skill which is comes from right modes of thinking.

Stress is possibly the biggest obstacle that blocks our front way or traps us beneath suffocating fog.
But, this is a big but; having some stress can be helpful sometimes because it can provide motivation that allows you to work with a bit of sense of urgency and purpose. So, let us make stress as a friend instead of foe.

This is what we called Stress Management!

Here are some powerful ways that proven useful to most of the stress sufferers:

Job scheduling- each day when you first step into the office, take yourself five to ten minutes time to plan your job schedule of the day. After you wrote down all the jobs pending for yourself to response with, take a split second to double check and arrange the sequence of the jobs according to their priority, deadline and difficulties.

This is an effective ways where we can put everything under your control. Besides, you will also be able to foresee the process of the day where you can expect the possible problem that may happen. Make sure interruption is taken into account. For unfinished jobs, you may need to record down as a reminder for the following working days.

Proper promising- weíve all been influenced by colleagues or managers in our workplace who tell us we should do this or we ought to do that.

Consequently, we may end up with a life that others have decided for us versus the life we want. This situation may result ourselves hardly accomplish any of the tasks on hand. Furthermore, we may feel sad, tired, lack of conscious or motivation where this is the symptoms of overload.

In order to deal this problem, we need to assess our time and ability, promise on any job when only we are able to do that. Deadline will be stressful when we may not meet them. Give manager or customer a reasonable delivery date so that we can produce quality outcome without overload ourselves.

Proper delegation- take up every single task will be stressful and overwhelmed. Try to delegate some of the tasks that are repetitious but donít require your expertise to complete. Reduce the burdens that donít really need your strength.

But one thing need to be clear is that your must estimate and be aware of the workload of your subordinate so that delegation does enhancement of the performance instead of the reverse effect.

Get stuff organized- how would you feel when you step into a workplace where files and stuffs are all around? Nothing is more draining than having an office is messy. Action must be taken immediately to organize the stuff in the workplace and maintain a good habit of return used stuff back to their origin.

Other than that, prepare full set of stationeries and tools that is needed during your work and check its availability before you go home. Lost of a little tiny pen corrector or screw drivers may scratch your head off when you looking for them. Remove your physical clutter and youíll eradicate your mental clutter, reenergize yourself in the same way!

Take a break- there will be no one in this world able to work for 24/7. Spare yourself some private time to reflect, go for a walk, take a sip of coffee, and take a short snap or just day dream. Take a short break from your work for 10 to 15 minutes to refresh your mind and revive your working spirit.

It is effective to allow yourself resume to work with more concentrating and higher productivity.

Stress management in the workplace is the key to your long term success, hopefully tips given above able to provide you a brighter tomorrow.

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