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Is men's skin care problematic today?

By:Barry Ford

So, what do you say, do you think men face problems in skin care products? I would say "yes". As with any market that proves itself profitable, most companies have recognized this trend, and are quick to throw out their new product to quickly cash-in on this new trend. Are they throwing out their products too fast? I think allot of them are. Over the past several years there has definitely been a sizeable increase in the sales of men's skin care products. Now, men have about the same opportunity to waste their money on unnecessary and problematic skin care products as women do.

Think about this, As a man, while shaving, so you experience razor burn? Do you think its the way that you shave that's giving you razor burn? Honestly, you do what you con to save your face from wounds.

Take it from me, as a man, I shave a lot. I use the same products that my dad used. I experienced razor burn. I thought it was the way I did it. To figure out what was really going on, I had to find out what razor burn really is. Razor burn is a series of ingrown hairs. Most shaving creams contain irritating ingredients such as alcohol, menthol mint, and camphor, as well as high levels of potassium or sodium hydroxide. These skin irritants make the hair follicle and skin swell, forcing the hair up and away from the skin, supposedly allowing for a closer shave. Unfortunately, the irritation and resulting swelling cause some of the hair to be hidden by the swollen follicle and skin. Note that sodium hydroxide is used in many skin care products at very low levels(the lesser amount in the ingredient list on the label) to adjust the ph value. In these low quantities it is not irritating to skin. Additionally the swollen skin makes it harder for the stubble to find its way back out. If hair begins to grow ( and it almost immediately does) before the swelling is reduced, the likelihood of ingrown hairs are increased.

When it comes to shaving, what can men do to take care of the skin on their face? Well, to start with, all men need a gentle, water soluble cleanser, a gentle shave product, either foam, cream, or gel, followed by a gentle, non-irritating aftershave or shaving lotion( which is a masculine name for a gentle toner) an ideal aftershave product for men would be an aspirin based topical product that uses an additional potent inti-irritants. Aspirin is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent for irritated skin and is able to alleviate the redness and razor burn/bumps.

when it comes to skin care, us guys aren't any different from women. our skin is the same. So just use your girlfriend's, or your mom's, or your sister's. it will work the same way it works for her.

So that's it. And as always, I hope you found this article both informative and entertaining. And may GOD bless you always, and in always.

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Barry Ford is the webmaster of a website that provides both important information and valuable products about skin care. You can find it at www.dvqskincare.com/.

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