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Three Cheap Tricks to Increase Efficiency

By:Jeff Casmer

A key element of the time management puzzle is efficiency. When one can find faster, more efficient ways of getting the job done, they are able to free up more time to concentrate on other projects or even, in some cases, recreation.

Try as you might, you will never be able to force extra hours into the day. Nor will you be able to operate for long as a sleep deprived zombie. In order to balance our time with our tasks we have a few potential tools at our disposal. One is to reduce the number of tasks. The other is to increase efficiency.

Increasing one’s efficiency can come from studying time management programs and listening to experts speak on the subject. Accumulating knowledge and understand is a great route toward self-improvement. However, there are other, cheap and easy ways to increase efficiency without investing in any product. Let us examine a few of them.

Removing Temptations

Even with a strong understanding of what needs to be done and a solid grasp of how to do it, temptations may remain in place. As such, one should attempt to remove some of the possible time wasters that have been discovered during the evaluation process. The old adage, "out of sight, out of mind," holds true for those seeking to better their time management skills.

If you have a weakness for television, disconnect the box and move on. If you cannot resist the allure of the Internet while working, unplug your connection. If you are prone to snacking instead of working, consider passing the snack food aisles at your grocery store next time.

Finding Solitude

For many, one of the chief causes of inefficiency is constant conversation, attention and disruption. If at all possible, one should find a way to work alone in relatively peace and quiet. This does not necessarily mean renting office space if you run a home business. It can mean anything from finding a quieter spot in the home in which to work to rescheduling working hours until the children in bed.

By making adjustments to create a quieter and calmer environment one can increase their efficiency tremendously. It may require some creative thinking but it can be done cheaply, if not completely free of charge.

Adding Motivation

All of us seem to have some point during each day when our mind begins to wander and we begin to invent things to do (or not to do). Find those moments and combat the urge to abandon your time management plan by injecting an additional element of motivation into your schedule.

You may want to have an inspirational quotation or two at the ready or some other reminder of why time management is important to you. A motivational trigger can help you stay on track.

By removing temptations, finding solitude and adding motivation one can increase their efficiency tremendously without spending a dime. Time management may never be easy, but it can be manageable when one takes the steps necessary to maximize his or her productivity.

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