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Personalized Gift Giving, a Timeless Tradition

By:Jay Stockman

The tradition of gift giving appears to originate from the Roman practice of presenting the Emperor, and each other with good luck tokens. At first these gifts were simple, such as a few twigs from a sacred bush, or a variety of foods. As it ultimately happens, this practice broadened in an effort to receive special favors or to impress, so that more precious gifts were given, clothing, gold or silver items. While most of this giving was done on a voluntary basis, history has had its share of leaders who did their best to make gift giving mandatory. By the late nineteenth century the simple and non-materialistic gift giving tradition had began to dwindle away. Gift giving had begun to take on a very commercial face, and was becoming a booming industry. Today, the gifts and decorative accessories market reached sales of $35.97 billion.

Throughout the world, many cultures mark their special holidays, or occasions with gifts and food. As a result, the etiquette of gift giving is very important. A general lack of cultural knowledge can lead to misunderstandings which may result in an insult rather than a gift. In any case, gifts are all about expressing a sense of gratitude, happiness, and plentitude. Gifts can be classic, gifts can be personalized, even a little humorous, but the ones which are funny, clever, and useful are the ones that are remembered.

Giving and receiving gifts properly is an important part of business. Rewarding employees, or associates is a vital instrument of good business. Making full disclosures, and open declarations of this intent maintains the moral fiber of this practice. When there is secrecy or deception involved, this tears at that moral fiber, and destroys the true value, and morals of gift giving. Without question, this behavior should not be tolerated.

Gift giving has become a time-honored tradition that seems to become more deeply rooted with time. Over time, this wonderful tradition has grown more complicated and more stressful. On occasion, the original purpose behind the tradition gets clouded, and the gift giving takes on a life of its own. Nevertheless, gift giving will always touch our hearts in a very special way.

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