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How to Be Happy and at Peace when Your Whole Life is Turning Upside Down

By:Janette Marie Freeman

It seems like we all go through it. You know- those times of change, when everything that we hung our hats of self-esteem on- are cast aside. Perhaps itís the loss of a job, spouse, friends, health, children, youth and beauty, or some less dramatic change that causes us to experience our share of fear and worry. Iím sure there is no one reading this message that hasnít experienced it more than once, and I would venture to guess it may even be going on now for many of you. After all, this is a time of huge evolution in the growth of mankind, and in order for growth to occur, we demonstrate change and transition. Itís not always easy and it doesnít feel good- at least not to some part of us. This is the time, more than ever, to turn to the part of ourselves that never changes, is always the same, whole and complete. But how do we do that when our mind is running rampant with fear, worry and compulsiveness?

If you pay attention and just notice, what were you thinking that caused your upset feelings just now? Were you worried about the future? Was it past regrets? Was it some form of either one? Just notice, donít judge. Look over the last hourówhat were some of your thoughts? How many thoughts were anchored in the past? What about the future? You can begin to break out of the mindís incessant suffering-causing mechanism when you can begin to disidentify from you as your mind to you as the one who uses your mind.

How does the mind work? It judges, worries, justifies, blames and compares. It looks for opposites, comparisons, judgments, etc. The mind when left to run rampant will cause suffering every time. It isnít your transition and situations that cause you the suffering; it is your mindís judgment about them. Interesting isnít it, how the mind can cause you so much turmoil?

Just watch the mind. As you practice this for only one week, you will see how you can begin to disidentify with the mind as you- and begin to tap into the Spirit as you, the beingness that you are. This is where all peace and happiness exist.

2nd Step: Come Back to NOW
Right now, in this room, where your body is, breathe. Right now, all is well. Right now, there is a Presence beyond the mind that is offering peace. Right now there you are, there It is in the midst of you. Right here, right now Spirit is complete. It is felt and known and Present. It is peace, it is joy, it is bliss. It doesnít need to fix anything, create anything or do anything; it is complete as it always was, and as it always will be. In the moment we let go of believing our mind and become presently aware of the NOW moment, we are awake, conscious and clear. Beyond the mind is where you connect to your inner being.

Observe the Mind, Be Here Now
Observe, and come home. The mind will again and again take me on a trip to the past and a journey to the future and this time it may have caused me to worry and feel fearful, but I can remember to observe the mind, it is just doing what minds do and then, I can notice my breath. I take a deep breath and let go of my mind, I feel my body, I hear the sounds around me, I take in the rich smells in my environment and I taste the tongueís residue. Now, I am awake, and in this moment alone, I am at peace.

Because I know that I am continually creating a life based upon what I think, feel and believe, I understand the importance of having some say in what happens within my thinking-feeling world. By letting go of the mind through observation, tapping into Presence by being present, I know that I am creating out of the great Universal Mind, the great Holy Presence more than through the fear-based meanderings of the little ego mind. The more I tap into this Presence; this Presence demonstrates its peace, joy and presence into my world. I realize that no matter what is going on in my outer world of circumstances, I can rest in the quiet awareness that all is well for now.

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Dr. Janette Marie Freeman, author of "Why Did This Happen to Me Again? Keys to Lasting Transformation." For a free subscription to "Live Richly" Newsletter go to http://www.janettemariefreeman.com

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