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The Internet Right – Are They Doing It Right

By:Rev Michael Bresciani

Viewing things as a whole it would seem that the internet right is providing some powerful contributions that the rest of the media right can’t provide for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of those contributions and some of the leaders in the pack.

It looks overall like the liberals are advocating for no lines to be drawn on most matters. The right insists there are lines, very clear and important lines. This alone puts the right clearly ahead in the battle. The idea that there is nothing to fight for leaves the left with no real soldiers. There are of late, however, a lot of embarrassed civilians among their ranks. Those in the internet right are providing a good part of the scathe that discomforts them.

The single most important contribution the internet right is offering at this time is a full effort, a concentrated effort, replete with facts and figures to support their right wing views. Unlike newspapers that are cluttered with everything from recipes to obits the Internet sites and blogs hunker down and concentrate on the business at hand. If you want the full story the internet right provides it.

A second contribution is linkage. Most people subscribe to one or two newspapers and watch one or two favorite TV news broadcasts. Should they want or need more on a subject they are forced to wait on the editorial whims of the paper and the paper boy’s next delivery. Following online links can provide anyone with more information on a subject in only a half hour of surfing than the papers or the networks could provide in days.

Last but not least are the time and space constraints that newspapers and broadcast media are straddled with. Who has not been listening to an interview with keen interest and waiting for a summary when the host exclaims, “that’s all the time we have for now.” The right sites on the internet don’t have this restraint. In the X generation it is acceptable to be fed with half second blips and spots but if you need the whole story the internet alone can fill the gap.

Many excellent right wing platforms are online today. I won’t create a list of big boys and small fry but rather let’s look at something more important. Keep in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive list, I haven't the space here to mention them all. There are dozens of great rigt sites out there and I only wish I could include them all. I think that website design is very important. Using normal guidelines for a good site, those right sites that are easy to understand seem the best. One look at the first page should give you the clearest picture of everything you can expect to find on that site, and a clear path to it. Some sites that come into this category are, Volconvo, The Conservative Voice, The Nashif Report and The Rant.

If your looking for good old down home straight talk with a bit of humor don’t miss Jackass Democrats.com, where the site heading reads…”where the conservatives come to gloat and giggle about…jackass democrats.” Some of the best writing can be found on the pages of The Conservative Voice where apparently they would rather unleash a few truth dogs than to feed pabulum to the public. Volconvo, has an unusual feature called… “Massive Topics” where they dive head first into the big scraps like evolution, gays, and abortion. Speaking of special features check out the…”Hall of Shame” and “Hate Mail” on The Rant.

Well seasoned and well blogged is The American Daily, http://americandaily.com or the sister site http://moveoff.net Here you will find a rather innovative item that could even be considered brave. American daily actually puts the articles, opinions and stories of the liberals in its own section on that site. This is done so the opposing views can be compared and it also serves as a means of stopping the complaint that liberals aren’t given equal space on the internet right. Bravo!

If you are new to the internet right you should be warned that the sites mentioned in this article are considered right wing only not what is known as “Radical Religious Right.” (RRR) These sites have their merit but this treatment is not about either the moderate or extreme right political activist’s sites.

Unfortunately most liberal internet sites crop all the right sites into one lump. What’s worse is that on the extreme left all these sights unfortunately may be viewed as hate sights or dangerously fanatic. But that is why they are called, the extreme left.

Many of the best internet right wing sites are simply platforms for common sense, good citizenship and good government they can’t help from being controversial. But hey, it must have been the biggest controversy to hit the streets of our original colonies when some people started gathering together to try to form a new country. The last time I looked at the internet right it was only trying to recognize and preserve the outcome of that earliest of our national controversies. In this writers opinion the internet right sites are…doing it right!

About the Author

Rev Bresciani is from New Orleans La and the author of…Hook Line and Sinker or What Has Your Church Been Teaching You, PublishAmerica 2005 and…An American Prophet and His Message, Questions and Answers on the Second Coming of Christ, Xulon Press 2005. His website is,

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The Internet Right – Are They Doing It Right


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