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Sales Tips - "How Do I Combat Price Objections?"

By:Ray Turnbull

Salesmanship skills are extremely important in every given situation. What I want to talk to you about this week, are the benefits for those of you that are either in business for themselves, or are thinking about going into business for themselves. Whether that’s a true bricks and mortar business or becoming a commission based salesperson, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same.

“Sell your products or services, not the price!”

See! All the smaller thinking guys will always put themselves in the bottom end of the market without even knowing it. Because they usually have a fear of one on one selling or negotiation situations. This means they’ve got to win their business on price only. Because they don’t have the ability to promote themselves as a person that’s totally believable and can instead put themselves across to people in a way that says “I’m offering you the very best price in the market place and that’s all that matters”. Rather than, “you should deal with me because I am someone you can trust, someone that you will enjoy doing business with and someone that will always supply you with the back up and support you deserve”.

The cheapest price in the marketplace, as most people are now aware, does not guarantee you value for money. To give you an example, say I pay $60 for a cheap no name DVD player which at the time seems like a bargain, right! What about if I told you that DVD player will break down after a thousand hours of use. What about the DVD player that has a great reputation, is well known for it’s high quality support and cost $90 instead of $60 and could give you 2000 hours of usage before it broke down. Which one do you think is the better deal?

This brings up a great point, and that is, you have to sell! You have to give the client all the facts and not just the figures, because that is what selling is all about. Can you now see why price is not the only factor and how it is your job to educate the buyer through salesmanship? Price really becomes irrelevant. Your selling the idea, your selling so many things, and don’t forget you’re also selling yourself.

So the better you are at selling and negotiating, the better the prices you will be able to command.

The point of this newsletter comes back to our motto of “Success Through Failure”, which stands for you not being afraid to go out there and give it a go. Make some mistakes, build your confidence up, enhance your selling and negotiation skills, and build a successful business. If you don’t, you will have to rely on winning on price alone, and that will be a long, painful journey.

Your mission for this week:

1. Find out everything that your product or service has that the competition doesn’t have.
2. Then, ask your existing customers what it is about your product or service that is appealing and what initially attracted them to you.
3. Find a way to promote your product or service in a way that makes it impossible for your competitors to compare it to, and this will help eliminate price comparisons.
4. Highlight all these facts to your potential customers.
5. Go and make lots of sales this week.

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Ray Turnbull has extensive knowledge and experience in sales and negotiation accumulated and developed over a 4o year period. Ray Turnbull has been sharing sales tips and success secrets at his website http://www.successthroughfailure.com

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