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A Brief Introduction to Christianity

By:Barney Garcia

Although Christianity can be recognized as one of the most common religions around the world, many people are virtually unaware of what Christianity really is. The following article is intended as an introduction to Christianity for non-Christians. It is a brief overview of the major beliefs that are involved in Christianity.

Christianity originally developed from Judaism. Jesus was alive from 3BC to 300AD, and he was a Jew. He lived and taught his religion in Palestine primarily but not exclusively among other Jews. Christianity is different from Judaism for two major reasons. The first being that Christians believe that Jesus is God in human form, which is an unheard of belief in Judaists. The second being that Judaists believe that Jesus had a special covenant made between him and the Jewish people. This was a sort of law, or a set of ethical and religious principles. However, most Christians believe that this set of laws was outdated by Jesusí teachings, and on the night of his death, he talked about a new covenant that was based upon his death and resurrection. These two differences are the most controversial aspect of Christianity, and continue to be controversial even among Christians. While most modern Christians accept these two views, there are still many that do not.

Christians believe in one God, who they attribute to creating the universe and all that is in it. Christians also believe that God plays the pivotal role in history, because he acts as a guide to his people. They believe that God is a person, but not in the same way we are human. Whereas humans have physical and spiritual beings, God is entirely spiritual. They believe that he exists in a sphere outside of the normal, physical universe. Christians believe that humans have been developed in the image of God. We are different from God because we have physical matter, but we are similar in the fact that we are capable of making rational decisions, and also capable of having relationships with others and with God himself. Christians also believe that God is responsible for sustaining the world itself, and humans hold a responsibility to God.

This introduction to Christianity is extremely brief, as the religion is very complex, and can be researched in great detail. However, the main aspects of the religion are here, and if any of the ideas pique an interest in you, you should continue to research this vast and amazing topic on your own. There are thousands of books around the world that deal with the history and the practices of Christianity. Even if you donít want to become a Christian yourself, it is always worthwhile to examine the life and religions of other people and other cultures.

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