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2 Important Time Management Tips To Beat Stress

By:Abbas Abedi

Time management is critical to boost good organization of one’s personal utilization of schedule. Managing the early morning routine, for example, could be one way of effective time management if things are executed in a smooth and convenient manner.

The problem with people who do not know how to manage their time wisely is that they would have the propensity to wake up to an alarm clock and leap into the day. On the other hand, people who know their way to sound time management will use the first 30 minutes or hour of their day for relaxation and reflection instead of leaping into each day haphazardly. This is because they have already set some definite time for each task that will be carried out throughout the day.

Therefore, having a cup of tea in your garden, writing a journal, or listening to music is not a waste of time for a person who knows how to manage his time wisely. These activities are part of his schedule; and the way he does these things are just part of how he will be able to cope up with stress the rest of the day.

With this, one can simply surmise that time management is a good way of managing stress. Hence, people who do not know how to manage their time would most likely develop more stress than anyone else would.

Here are some tips that could help beat that stress as a result of poor time management:

1. Make a “to do” list and prioritize your goals.

People who are prone to stress are usually those who strive hard by doing things all at the same time. They think that they have to do everything at once, even if it means nothing is accomplished in the end. This is one hard example of time mismanagement.

So, in order to accomplish sound time management, it is important that you make your own “to do” list and not somebody else’s. This is because you are the only person on earth who knows what should be done first.

The point here is to allot specific timeframe for each activity and prioritize them according to your own personal main concerns. For instance, you may want to finish law school; but since you are still in your undergraduate course, you may have to concentrate first on the things that you should be doing today instead of thinking about the things that you have to do when you are already in law school.

2. Use some tools.

Effective time management does not just happen as it seems to be. Everything happens for a cause and the main reason why some people are using their time wisely is because they use some tools that will remind them and help them organize their schedule.

Hence, it would be better if you will use some tools that will help you manage your time effectively. For example, you could start using a daily planner and start dividing your daily chores. Try to allot specific time for each task and see if you can still have some extra time for relaxation at the end of the day. You can also use the study hour formula to determine the amount of time you need to get a grade of "A" in class.

These tools are built to help those who simply cannot monitor their time in the strictest sense. These tools assist people to make time management best work for them.

Indeed, nothing can be as important as time. Without time, people will live a life full of chaos and confusions, doing everything at the same time and accomplish nothing. With sound time management, everything will be in order and people will be able to live stress-free.

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