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A Guide to Combating Stress and Anxiety

By:Mike Freemen

It is no secret that stress and anxiety are a big problem in today’s world. Everyone today seems to be working harder, staying at work later, juggling family and career, and otherwise burning the candle at both ends. This multitasking can help us be more productive, but it also causes greater levels of stress, and stress and anxiety continue to top surveys of the top problems in people’s lives.

A quick look at the pharmacy or health food store can reveal a lot about just how serious the stress and anxiety problem is in today’s modern world. There are a host of prescription medications designed solely for fighting stress, and the health food stores are full of herbs, powders and potions that promise to relieve stress and help us relax.

Of course these remedies are not appropriate for everyone, and anyone who feels that stress is a problem should be sure to consult with their physician for advice. Some prescription medications, and even many over the counter and herbal stress remedies, can have harmful side effects, so it is important to gather as much information as possible before seeking a pharmaceutical solution to your stress.

In many cases, the natural approach to relieving stress and anxiety is the best way to proceed. There are many natural ways to fight stress and anxiety, including meditation, yoga and simply getting enough sleep. No one approach is right for everyone, and it is important to tailor your anxiety cure to your own needs.

One of the major causes of stress and anxiety is simple lack of sleep. All too few of us get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, and in many cases our sleep is disturbed during the night. Simply sleeping through the night, whether through the use of prescription sleep medications or good sleeping habits and sleep hygiene, can have a huge impact on reducing stress and anxiety.

Reducing anxiety can have a big impact on our health. Many of the most serious diseases today are brought on by stress and anxiety, so reducing anxiety can actually improve our physical as well as our mental health. Dealing with stress and anxiety issues will not be easy, but there are many advantages to getting those problems under control. Not only does stress affect our relationships and our mental well being, but it can have a significant impact on our physical lives as well. Getting those things that are bothering you behind you can give you real peace of mind, and it may even improve your health.

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