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Leaving A Message On The Speakerphone

By:James Monahan

With America always on the go, people do not often stay at home or at their office. They can either be reached through their mobile phones or even their blackberry especially those who are “corporatish.”

One old fashion way of reaching a person, which is still being used today is leaving a message in a speakerphone. The messages can be accessed by the person through outside line by using special codes that he or she will only know.

One of the fun ways of having these speakerphones is formulating messages that will introduce you or your business.

Speakerphone greeting messages at home phones are much more relaxed and fun as compared to those being used in the corporate world. Some inject a little joke on these greetings while others only reveal the number and not the name of the speakerphones owner.

Formal and Informal

As mentioned before, messages in speakerphones at the office are much more formal than the ones being used at home. They often contain a greeting, a mention of the name of the company, the person’s designation and the contact details if there are any.

The speakerphone greeting will also contain a request to leave a message and contact details plus the promise of feedback as soon as they are able. The standard greeting runs like this.

“Hi! You have reached the office of Lisa Jackson, corporate counsel for X Inc. I am out of the office right now. Kindly leave your contact numbers and message after the beep and I will get back to you as soon as I can.”

Speakerphone greetings being used at home, on the other hand, contain the standard number of the phone, the name of the homeowner and the request for a message and contact details. Speakerphone greeting often run like this,

“Hi! You have reached the Jackson residence at (telephone number). We are not at home right now. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.”

Though some people would like some anonymity and will only include their numbers, most include the name of the family in residence as this will help your caller determine if they are calling the right number.

Besides, this will lessen the amount of speakerphone messages that you will read as your message has already prevented callers with the wrong number from leaving any message.

Fit It With The Environment

Just in case you are starting to formulate your own message or you are thinking of changing the speakerphone greeting that you have already recorded, here are some points that you can consider about speakerphone messages.

If the speakerphone greeting will be used in the office, keep it in a formal format. When in the home, you can be as creative as you want. Some people’s speakerphone greetings even put jokes, making it appear that they are already answering the phone call and not just a speakerphone message.

In recording the speakerphone greeting, it is important that you keep the tone of your voice friendly and warm. This will reassure the callers and will encourage them to leave their contact details.

Besides some clients judge the company and your capabilities as a representative of that company in a variety of ways. What if they use the speakerphone greeting that you composed? At least by keeping it formal but friendly, you have already established yourself as a professional.

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