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Using a Job Search Site Makes Job Finding Effortless

By:David Arnold Livingston

In this era of technology and the World Wide Web, everything can be done over the Internet, from virtual shopping to chatting with people across a thousand miles. One of the activities that has already become a standard is online job application. This has become all the rage so much so, that some companies even prefer online applications compared to face-to-face applications.

Now, there is no need for you to send your application by mail or even go to the company and personally hand in your resume. Job applications can be just a click away and you donít even have to make much effort except furnish your resume and move the mouse.

From one or two job sites a few years ago, online job searches have mushroomed during the last few years, catering to the vast job market not only in the US but also in different parts of the globe. And because the World Wide Web connects people from around the world, one can easily apply for a job anywhere, without having to worry about the cost of a plane ticket and accommodations. Applying for jobs overseas is one of the major advantages of online job searches, in addition to a more organized and electronic search and of course faster connection and job matches.

In most job search engines, one is asked to first create an account and to log in before being able to make use of the service. Using their account, a job applicant can upload their resume as well as vital information that a prospective employer will find most useful. Most job search engines will even help an applicant come up with an outstanding resume, providing step-by-step instruction on writing one. It is important that applicants highlight the skills and qualifications that make them unique. This will help them stand out and get noticed by employers who are leafing through their files. Remember that there are thousands of other applicants that will most likely get the same job notification. Oneís edge lies on how applicants present themselves through their resumes.

Some sites will also ask job applicants to write an essay as a way of showing their communication skills. This is an important component especially when dealing with applicants from different countries. Non-members of the job search site can also view the openings but will have to log in first before they can apply online and be considered for the position.

Job openings are categorized according to the date they were posted, the industry or field that the job openings are under or sometimes even the number of years of job experience that the job requires. Visitors of the site can view a list of all job openings posted under the category chosen. Some job search engines even provide additional services such as a skills center, a relocation center, a business center and sometimes, a financial aid center. There are some who also help applicants to avail themselves of training programs by providing schedules and announcements.

Employers will also be asked to create an account, which would allow them to go over hundreds and even thousands of resumes that match the initial qualifications they have indicated. Often, the employer will send an email through the job search engine requesting an interview. Other companies directly contact applicants through their contact phone numbers.

Among the popular search engines in the market that you can check out are Yahoo! Hot Jobs; Monster.com; Careerbuilder.com and Jobs.com. There are also job search engines that are concentrated within a particular area such as the Caljobs.ca.gov and the Americaís Job Bank (ajb.org). Popular Asian job search engines include jobstreet.com and jobsonline.com.

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David Arnold Livingston is an entrepreneur with many years

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