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Dear Affiliate Manager, Women Are From Venus

By:Nicole Dean

Question: My target market is women, and Iím having a hard time getting them to promote my products. They just seem unmotivated. I donít get it. Does my affiliate program stink or am I recruiting bad affiliates?

Dear Affiliate Manager:

This just goes back to basic psychology. Women and men value different things.

Car salesmen are taught this in their training. When a husband and wife walk into a car showroom, the car salesman will face the husband when he talks about things like Ö horsepower and engine stuff. Then, heíll turn to the wife and talk about safety and color options. Is this condescending? Yes. But, itís also effective. My eyes glaze over when it comes to horsepower, but I want to know what Iím going to look like in my car! Sunroof? Radio? Now weíre talking.

So, what does this have to do with your affiliate program? Simple. Although I canít speak for all women, obviously, I can tell you the things I value in an affiliate program.

Quality. I value my newsletter subscribers and am building a relationship with them. (According to recent studies, women go online to find relationships and support.) If your product or service is junk, then you could offer me 99% commission with a 99% conversion rate and Iím still not going to sell it to my visitors.

Affordability. I canít promote a product that I, myself, would not buy. If youíre overpriced for what you offer, I can not promote your products to my subscribers.

Dollars and Cents. Of course money is a factor. Itís just not the #1 factor, as you may be surprised to know. 20% commission vs. 40% -- Iím not as concerned about that as I am the other items in this list.

Tools: Yes, tools. This is really big, and so few affiliate managers ďget itĒ. I think Iíve finally pinpointed why this is such a big thing (at least for me). This scenario happens way too often: I find a product I am really excited about and I eagerly sign up for their affiliate program. I log in so I can start telling everyone I know about this great product or service. I canít wait to see what they have in the ďlinksĒ section. Will there be articles, or a rebrandable e-book maybe? Or even an informative video? Itís like Christmas morningÖ what will I find? And, then the affiliate section opens and thereís one measly link and a button.

My initial gut reaction is ďTheyíre not even trying!Ē And now, I donít feel valued or motivated in the least bit. You just succeeded in turning your biggest fan into someone who stuck a lousy button on her page and knows itís not going to sell at all.

I know what youíre thinking. Itís the affiliateís job to sell. Yes, youíre right. As an affiliate, I know that writing reviews and recommendations is the best way to sell a product. No doubt about it. All Iím saying is that youíve got to give us at least an indicator that youíre interested in building a working Ďrelationshipí.

Is it hokey to want a relationship with an Affiliate Manager? Yes. It is. But, I can tell you that any affiliate program where I get some attention and appreciation is going to get a lot more loyalty from me than an Affiliate Manager who sits on the couch drinking beer and watching football while Iím running around working my butt off... (Hmmm.... did I say that?)

So, yes, women are from Venus. You can decide to embrace it and reap the rewards, or ignore it and wonder why your affiliates arenít motivated. Itís your choice. As an affiliate, Iím challenging you to embrace this information and run with it.

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