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Planning a Wedding? How To Pick A Reception Location

By:Rebecca Sherman

When looking for a location for your wedding reception the following are a few questions that you can ask.

- Is the site available on your wedding day?
- Is the site hosting any other weddings that day? If so, are they at the same time. This is important to know as it will give you an indication of what type of personalized attention you can expect to receive on your wedding day. At a venue where your wedding is the only event of the day generally means superb service. If the venue has many other events occurring the same day, you may not be the center of attention.

- How many people does the facility comfortably accommodate.
- Can the site accommodate your parking needs? Is there are charge for parking?
- Is there adequate dance space? Is the dance floor permanent in the room or is there an additional charge to have one laid for your reception? Will tables have to be moved after dinner to make room for the dance floor?

- What type of sound system is available? Do they have specifically contracted DJ’s and/or bands which must be used? Can the sound system be utilized by anyone the bride and groom designate or must a site employee be present at all times?
- What are the policies on food, beverages and catering services?
- What are the time restrictions, if any?
- Are there any decoration restrictions – candles on tables, glitter or flower petals on tables, balloons, attaching decorations to walls/ceilings/etc, do the venue centerpieces have to be used?

- Are tables, chairs, linens, silverware and other table accessories provided? Is there an additional cost for these items?
- What is the room rental fee? Can this be waived with food and beverages provided by the venue?
- What is the cancellation fee and timeline?
- How much of a deposit is required to reserve a date?
- Are there any circumstances in which your reservation can be cancelled even if a deposit is put down? (For example, some venues will cancel a private event if a commercial or business wants to hold an event on the same day.)

Reception Traditions

First Toast: The best man proposes the first toast after the wedding party has been served. This is usually followed by toasts from other relatives, friends, or the bride and/or groom if desired.
Newlywed’s Cake Cutting: The bride and groom cut the cake hand over hand and then feed each other a small piece.

First Dance: The newlyweds dance the first dance as guests look on. Although traditionally a waltz, a contemporary approach can entail a special song, a choreographed routine, or any dance the couple chooses. The wise bride and groom won’t wait until the last minute to prepare, it takes time for a professional to help enhance this once in a lifetime first dance as husband and wife.

Customary Dances: Following the first dance, the bride may dance with her father, the groom’s father and the best man. The groom dances with the bride’s mother, his mother, and the maid of honor. Other guests join the wedding party on the floor after these dances.

Tossing the Bouquet: The bride tosses a small bouquet over her shoulder to the waiting group of single women. According to tradition, the woman who catches the bouquet will be the next bride.
Garter Toss: The groom removes the bride’s garter from her leg and throws it to a waiting group of bachelors. According to tradition, the lucky recipient will be the next groom.

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Rebecca Sherman is an editor at ModernWeddingPlanner.com

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