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Why Are Online Surveys So Popular

By:Terence Young

The Internet has definitely changed the world. More companies are migrating to the virtual world than ever before. Big fashion houses have also chosen to market their merchandises through their websites. Chanel, Gucci and Christian Dior are among the big fashion names that have their own website to advertise their products.

Similar to the trend of e-stores, market research is also done via the Internet. Yearly, companies spend nearly 43 billion dollars to gather information on market needs. Nowadays, this time consuming method has been transferred into online surveys.

Online surveys are becoming more popular among marketers around the world. This is because it is easy to distribute. As an example, pop ups can be used to distribute online surveys. You can have the surveys pop up when the users read their email or even when simply surfing for a bicycle. Alternatively, you can choose to do affiliations with many sites like Myspace and Friendster to have more respondents.

There is specific online survey databases available. All companies can have themselves registered here which is an effective way to let everyone know about their survey forms. Companies will only need to submit their site and soon enough, many people will be answering their questionnaires and receiving more hits than ever.

More people are riding the Internet wave. These people come from different parts of the world. If a product is an international product, companies can save a lot from online surveys. They no longer need to hire locals to open a branch. With just a website, companies can now have feedbacks and comments from people in any possible region. Hence, marketers can find more respondents compared to the traditional way of conducting market research.

Online surveys can make information gathering easier than it used to be. Compiling data from survey forms can be tedious and time consuming. With online surveys, the feedbacks and comment are directed straight to the database. Hence, companies can easily filter out each section that they want to know. Analysis can be easily conducted by the professionals as soon as the feedback is received. This is more convenient rather than waiting until at the end a lengthy period for data analysis.

Another reason why online survey is popular among marketers, is the easy method it offers to correspond with respondents. Getting fresh respondents are important but sometimes you may need the old one. With traditional surveying methods, this could mean countless letters to send out. With the Internet, everything is in the form of point-and-click.

The convenience of online survey makes it a popular selection among marketers. Most of the household in the world owns a computer. This makes any Internet based activities easier and more popular and so is online survey.

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