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The Daily Show Is A Must See On Comedy Central

By:Kaitlin Carruth

Doesn’t it seem that today there is nothing but bleak reports to hear on the news? Watching the news can give you a feeling that the world is coming to an end. Hope can be found on Comedy Central by means of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Comedy Central features stand-up comedians, shows, and movies that are all meant to make you laugh until you can’t breathe. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is one of Comedy Central’s original programs and, in my opinion, a must-see show. The program offers an entertaining way to learn a bit about current news and political events. The following is some of the features that make The Daily Show worth watching.

Anchor Jon Stewart is a Riot. Jon Stewart has had a long background in comedy as a standup comedian and also author of America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction. He also has appeared in several movies such as Big Daddy and Half Baked (many of his movies are featured on the Comedy Central channel). Jon Stewart is a perfect fit for this comedic show with his great humor and large knowledge of politics.

Headlines that Cover Current Topics in the News. My personal favorite part of the show is where Jon Stewart goes through today’s headlines. In less than five minutes, Jon explains what has been happening most recently in the world while adding a twist of humor. His satirical commentary gives the viewer a chance to laugh about political and current events. Jon Stewart’s headlines are informative and amusing.

Hilarious Election Coverage. The Daily Show’s coverage of the presidential election (known on the show as “Indecision 2004”) not only keeps you informed on the current topics of the election but also pokes a bit of fun at the candidates. As surprising as it is, according to the National Annenberg Election Survey viewers of The Daily Show are more informed about the candidate’s platforms than people who watch television news or read newspapers. While some may want to turn to CNN to get election coverage, it seems that the channel they should really be turning to is Comedy Central.

Interviews with High-Profile Politicians. Another great feature of The Daily Show is its interviews with major political players. Guests on the show include former President Bill Clinton, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator John McCain, Tom Brokaw, Joe Lieberman, and many more. During the election, the show was even able to snag John Kerry to talk about his platform. These interviews give the audience a chance to learn more about the people in politics and their views.

Correspondents that Present In-Depth Reports. Along with anchor Jon Stewart there are a slew of regular correspondents on the Comedy Central show to highlight important events that are going on in the world and also to emphasize the point that the world of politics can sometimes be ridiculous. Regular correspondents include Samantha Bee, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, and Stacey Grenrock-Woods. These correspondents are equally as funny as Jon Stewart while still leaving you something to think about.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central is a great way to get those who are not so keen on politics to all of a sudden get excited to learn more about it (or at least excited to laugh about it). While the program probably shouldn’t replace your regular news watching, it is still a good way to get in a few laughs while still learning something at the same time.

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