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Why Dreaming Is the Most Altruistic Thing

By:Saleem Rana

You were not put on this earth to work day and night and not enjoy life.

You were put here to enjoy an abundant life and live out your dreams. Thatís why you have dreams.

Dreams arise because you exist. They are projections into the future of what you perceived as valuable in the past.

When you deny your dreams, you deny yourself. In essence, what you say is that what you value is not important.

If you persist in this suppression of your desires, your world will shrink to the point of calamity. The more you deny who and what you are, the worse things become.

Alternatively, when you accept your own value as a person, and, furthermore, accept that it is important for you to project what is valuable for you as the substance of experience, your whole world, as well as those who connect with it in some way, starts to expand.

When your dreams become a passion, then you will be unstoppable.

Nothing will stop you, simply because your dream is of more value to you than your intimidation by untoward circumstances.

If you do not know how to do something, you will find a way to learn it.

If you need to connect with certain people, you will find a way to meet them.

And if you need to overcome certain internals states, certain subconscious hesitations and resistances, you will find a way to overcome them.

When you grasp your own value, and when you grasp how important it is for you to get what you want, then your life takes on a meaning and an acceleration that will move you toward a more challenging present and a more exciting future.

Getting what you want is not a selfish act. People who deny themselves what they want, believing that it is selfless, are in a state of confusion.

You see, by getting what you want, you are in a place of power to give other people what they need as well. Thus, for example, when someone achieves a fortune, they contribute to the well-being of all, by providing jobs, by providing a valuable product or service, and by providing an example of what one person can do to make things better for the world.

Those who refuse to act in a positive way diminish not only themselves but everyone else as well because their potentiality remains dormant. Nothing of value is introduced into the world. Thus, for example, when you persist in deciding not to acquire wealth, you are suppressing the flow of money in the world. You are creating a point of stagnation. You are not offering anybody anything, and, in fact, you become a burden on others, because you have to tap into their resources to survive.

Your dream is of the utmost importance. While on the surface, a dreamer may appear self-seeking, he is in fact a picture of altruism.

Dreams redeem you. They redeem others. And they redeem the world.

The energy liberated in the actualization of a dream is a source of exhilaration for everyone.

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Saleem Rana is a psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. Free audio interviews on the secrets of achievement by some of the greatest success legends and free e-books on how to get what you want are available at http://www.theempoweredsoul.com/enter.html

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