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How Reading Golf Books Can Drastically Improve Your Game

By:John Bolt

Every golfer who loves the game is usually a big fan of golf books. It doesn’t matter what the books are about as long as it has something to do with golf or PGA players. They will read them at home, at the office, in the bathroom, in the doctors or dentist’s waiting room, if there’s a golf book in the pile they’ll dig to the bottom to get it.

I think it’s part of the golfers addiction to the game and the never ending challenge within him/her self to continually get better. Golf books provide a huge wealth of knowledge passed on form other players, instructors, and critics. Any golfer who is serious about the game always wants to know as much as possible about what can help their game. Golf books will come in few different versions that every golfer will enjoy.

The first one is the always popular instruction or golf tips book. Every golfer will gladly read one of these books should they be available. These books can be written by former PGA golf pros, the ever popular PGA golf instructors, or celebrities giving their point of views. The golfer who reads these is looking for that one little thing that he or she can try that will help their games. It might be one little tip about how to line up a putt better, but the die hard golfer is more than willing to read the entire book to get it. In a lot of cases these books are great visual teaching devices as they tend to be highly illustrated with step by step drawings or pictures.

Another form of golf books are the fictional story books that tell great tales of success and hardship on and off the golf course. Why we love these types of golf tales is simply because the golfer can often put him or herself in the characters shoes. This can often be a fantasy or a place the golfer would like to be in or it may be a little reminder of something the golfer had previously gone through. These are often great reads for anyone who loves a good golf story, and there are many.

A third form of golf book is the biography or autobiography type of story. This may be written about a previous PGA player, golf instructor, or announcer. These are very popular because the public is fascinated with celebrity and loves to read abut other people other than themselves. You can often get a great idea about some of the people’s lives in the golf world that normally you wouldn’t get to see. You may also learn about how they got to where they are today. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good success story. Some of the best ones to read aren’t necessarily about a person at all; they’re a behind the ropes look at life on the road with any of the PGA tours. Really interesting and fascinating to read.

It doesn’t matter what type of book you like, if you’re a golfer who loves the game and the sport in general you’ll probably read anything you can get your hands on. If it gives you inspiration or can help your game it then becomes a must have. Golf books are often a lot better than they are given credit for so go get yourself one today and we’ll see you on the links.

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