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A look at Great Golf Resorts

By:David Stargel

Many a golfer dreams of taking a vacation trip to a great golf resort. If you are interested in taking such a trip or in taking to the links at one of the many great golf resorts around the world, there are some venues that you will want to consider visiting. There are a number of different golf resort properties at which you can have a once in a lifetime experience.

Do keep in mind that even though specific reference is being made to some golf resorts in this article, nothing should be construed as an outright endorsement of one locale over another. Rather, the information presented in this article is intended for informational purposes only. Because of the great variety of preferences amongst golfers, what is a wonderful golf resort for one person is not necessarily a dream spot for the sport of another.

An example of a great golf resort is the Sedona Golf Resort. Each year, people flock to the Sedona Golf Resort for truly memorable golf vacations. The Sedona Golf Resort is considered to be one of the finest golf resorts in the world, a top tier gold resort.

The Sedona Golf Resort is in the midst of the Sedona Mountain Range and is a spectacular par-71 course. Golf Digest has continually given the Sedona Golf Resort a four star rating.

Arizona is also home to other top notch golf resorts that are perfect for golf vacations. This includes the fabulous and historic Biltmore Spa and Resort where every U.S. President has played golf since Franklin Roosevelt. You must book your reservations at the Biltmore well in advance. From late October through May, the resort is nearly always fully booked. A heartier soul certainly can take to the links during the Arizona summer months when reservations at the Biltmore are easier to come by (and far less expensive). With that said, you may find your self battling days on the golf course with temperatures soaring to 120 degrees.

Las Vegas is also rapidly becoming a popular destination for people interested in memorable golf vacations. A person interested in a Vegas golf resort has the option of reserving some all-inclusive golf vacation package plans. These golf vacation package plans include passes to the areas top notch golf courses. In addition, a person signing up for a Vegas golf package also accesses lodging at a variety of the fine (and exciting) hotel destinations on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Most the Vegas golf vacation package options also include tickets to a major show and various privileges to be enjoyed at the casinos in the city. Finally, most of these golf vacation package plans include round trip airfare in the price of the golf vacation package itself. Indeed, these types of golf vacation package plans truly are all inclusive.

An option for a person seeking golf vacations is a trip to a Cancun golf resort. In the past ten years, Cancun has become a hot destination for people interested in playing golf. The elegant Moon Palace is the most exclusive golf resorts in Cancun. The hotel is in a lovely isolated location with amazing links. Indeed, a vacation or holiday trip to the Moon Palace in Cancun for golf truly would be a once in a lifetime experience.

There are, of course, a significant number of other options when it comes to golf vacations in this day and age. There is a wide array of package types available to people who yearn for a golf vacation package. In fact, there are even golf vacation package options for the entire family. Therefore, if you are from a golf playing family, you can all enjoy a trip to a golf player’s paradise.

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