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The Joy Of Owning A Boat.

By:Hege Crowton

Have you considered investing in a boat merely for the joy of being able to take it out on the water whenever you feel like it and not having to worry about costs when it comes to renting one? If this is the way you have been able to enjoy your love for being on the water you know that renting a boat even just for a few hours can take a big chunk out of your wallet. One thing that can be agreed upon is that there is no better feeling than to be able to cruise the waters into the sunset.

Having grown up just a stones throw away from the ocean and everyone in the family owning boats, from row boats and fishing boats to cabin cruisers, I could never imagine a life without a boat. Well I grew up and moved away from home and guess what? I do not own a boat something which is unbelievable even for me. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this because I have for years now traveled and lived all around the world so a boat has not been my first priority.

Making the decision to invest in a boat is something which needs to be carefully considered before it is actually done. It is not like a car which is in use just about every day of the year. A boat is something you have to have passion about if not you can easily end up having an expensive, useless piece of machinery sitting in your yard or docked somewhere only creating you such a headache and costing you more money than what you are willing to part with.

Yes, owning a boat costs money and you need to use it quite a bit in order to get your monies worth. A boat needs quite a bit of up keep and maintenance as well as a place to be stored. Owning a boat you only will use maybe once or twice a month just is not worth it unless you have a lot of money to throw around. Boating very often becomes a lifestyle, like a motorcycle is for a biker, it is taken out and being used almost daily. A week should not go by without you having been on that boat at least a few times.

Like everything else, investing in a boat should be considered by its pro’s and con’s before being bought, after all it is something you will want to keep for years to come.
Another thing you should consider is the type and size of boat you would like. For the average person, a boat is for you to enjoy and not for impressing others. Don’t go beyond your needs and what you can really afford. If you do you will eventually end up “hating” you boat so just stick with what you can afford and a size which is big enough for your family and its needs.

If you have decided to go for it and are going to make your dream come true, there is nothing like being the Captain if your own ship, whether it is a 14 foot boat or a 50 foot boat. All the best to you and hopefully you will get as many wonderful times on the waters as I have had, memories which will always stay with you and give you a new respect for the ocean and its elements. The thrill of a storm is beyond explanation and can only be experienced. All the best to you and your new boat.

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