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Become a Mystery Shopper and Make Some Extra Cash

By:James Hunt

Becoming a mystery shopper is a very fun and easy way to make some extra cash. You can do this job at restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, malls and many other locations. All you have to do is show up to the chosen location and “shop” like you normally would. You will know what you’re supposed to buy and what you’re supposed to say to the salesperson. You will need to pay close attention to how the salespeople interact with you and you will report all of this back to the company you’ve signed up with.

To get involved with mystery shopping, you will probably have to pay a small fee. Most mystery shopping positions are found by using a company that specializes in them. So, once you’ve paid the $15-25 fee, you will be given unlimited access to any and all positions in this chosen field. The good thing about this kind of a job is that there are so many different places you can be a mystery shopper, you will always be able to find work.

The only downside to a mystery shopping job is that you have to pay for any items you buy during a shift upfront. Though you are reimbursed, many people find this a hassle. So, if you have the funds and don’t mind paying for dinners, books and clothes until you get your next check, then you would work well in the position.

When you’ve signed up with a mystery shopping company, you can let them know which places you’d like to work and which you wouldn’t. For example, if you don’t like electronics or used auto parts, let your boss know. Otherwise, you might end up having to visit these places and your review probably wouldn’t be your best work. Mystery shopping can be a great job for those looking for flexibility and fun, sporadic work.

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