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Banner Ads: How To Quadruple Clickthroughs Using Proven Tech

By:Grady Smith

It’s a fact…

Businesses right now are wasting thousands of dollars on
ineffective advertising.

In fact, a large majority of business owners are satisfied when
they place a banner ad and double their investment.

Are you in this category? Do you pull mediocre results from every
banner ad you place? Want to start placing ads that pull 4, 10,
even 20 times the amount you invested? Of course you do!

Here’s how to create devastatingly powerful banner ads that get
people clicking!

First, you need to walk a mile in your prospects shoes. What
turns them on? What key words will stop them dead in their

Understanding who your ad is talking to is the first step. Your
second step is understanding the dreams and desires of your
products audience.

Ask yourself some questions:

Are they motivated by money?

Do they want to do something better?

What’s the emotional reason your target prospect would be
interested in your product?

For instance, a home business offer would go after prospects
interested in money, right? But there are other underlying
benefits that speak to your targeted audience too.

Maybe they want freedom from a time clock? Maybe they hate
answering to a boss?

For instance, if you wanted to target a niche market of RV owners
for your business opportunity, you might write a banner headline
like “RVers! You Can Travel The Country, And Get Paid Very Well
To Do It”!

The headline above addresses two powerful motivators for someone
that owns an RV. First, money, a universal motivator. And second,
traveling in their RV. This creates excitement for an RV
enthusiast reading the headline and lures them into the copy.

Second, a banner ad works better when it appears interactive.

Create buttons on your banner that the reader can click. Perhaps
a survey where the user clicks radio buttons to reply. Or,
something that looks like a drop down menu that the user clicks.

Third, as in any form of effective advertising, you need to
create a sense of urgency.

Banner ads need to pull the reader away from the website they’re
already viewing. So, aside from an offer that speaks directly to
them, you need to give them a reason to stop searching the site
they’re on and choose to visit the site your banner points to.

“Click Now” works, but an even more effective urgency creator
would be “limited supplies” or “special discount for the first
100 visits”!

Fourth, make sure your banner design is simple. Key words should
stand out. Graphics should be light, and only used to capture
attention. Use color schemes that compliment one another and draw
the eye.

Using these ideas in your own banner ads can dramatically
increase clickthroughs. By applying them to your own banner
marketing you can set your own personal records for clickthroughs
and profits.

About the Author

Grady Smith provides hard-core killer copywriting at prices you
can afford. Use him for your sales letters, classified ads, and
auto responder messages to set your marketing efforts on fire.
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