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The Return of Boots from the Back Shelf

By:James Hunt

More and more women are rediscovering the sexiness of the boot and the way it makes them feel when they wear them. For many years boots were delegated to the back shelf as women looked for more comfortable footwear. However, there are many more boots on the market today than just boots that look sexy. If you live in a climate where itís cold and snowy during the winter months you definitely want to have a warm pair of boots to wear. Make sure that you weatherproof your boots so that theyíre not damaged by water, snow, and ice. You can choose from a walking winter boot, that only comes up to your ankle, or you can choose a boot that is higher, for those times when you have to walk in the snow. If youíre thinking about wearing a stylish boot in the winter make sure that itís not slippery outside or that your boot has a sole on it that wonít slip. Winter boots will have these non-slip soles but designer boots most likely wonít since theyíre not meant for winter weather.

When youíre buying boots make sure that you try them on at the end of the day when your feet are larger than they are when you first get up. This is so that you get the right fit for your boots. You donít want to wear them all day and find that they are getting too tight as the day goes on. Boots are a relatively expensive purchase so youíll want to make sure that youíre buying exactly what you want and they fit the way that they should. Most stores will have a policy that says once youíve worn your boots outside that you canít return them. Since boots are already an expensive item youíll want to make sure that youíve made the right choice for your feet.

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James Hunt has spent 15 years as a professional writer and researcher covering stories that cover a whole spectrum of interest.
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