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Blogging: It Just Keeps on Getting Better

By:Danny Warner

If you donít quite understand blogging, youíre not alone. Over 62% of Internet users donít understand the term and donít know how blogging can dramatically change their lives. But after this article, youíll be one of those in the know and poised to take advantage of this rapidly growing phenomenon.

Blogging has taken the Internet by storm. By the end of 2004, blogs had established themselves as an important part of Internet culture. In fact, in the same year almost 8 million people were using blogs as a form of self-expression, business building or a combination of the two.

The hype about blogging is well deserved. Blogs arenít just a fad. Between 2004 and 2005 blog readership was up 58%. 6 million people worldwide use RSS technology to receive updated information from blogs all over the web. The blogosphere (or blog universe) is growing day by day.

Just what are blogs, you ask? A blog is a shortened term for ďweblog.Ē Either term refers to a website where entries are made similar to a journal or diary. The entries are presented in reverse chronological order, with the newest entry on top. Although blogs were originally used like a personal journal on everyday events, they have evolved into a multipurpose tool. There are blogs on every topic imaginable, from food to politics to celebrity gossip. Generally, blogs combine the text entries with images, links to other blogs and other related media.
Blogs are an accessible website that level the playing field online. No longer do you need to know complicated computer codes and figure out the technical aspects of web pages in order to have content online. Setting up your own blog takes just a few minutes and is completely free. The interface is as simple as using a Word processing program. If you can type, then you can blog.

Blogs offer a unique opportunity. Blogs differ from websites because search engines read them quickly and updated them in the search engine indexes. This means that between a website about a topic and regularly updated blog regarding the same topic, the blog will have the advantage in the search engine rankings. While this may not be as important for bloggers who are using the platform as a personal journal, this aspect is extremely important for those looking to profit from blogs. Using blogging as a tool to attract potential customers often work more quickly and more effectively than other types of websites. This can mean faster and better profits for you.

For people looking to make money online, blogs represent the perfect opportunity. They are easy to update, and extremely user friendly. They reduce the learning curve for having a website online, since they eliminate the need to know web design. Blogs are becoming a bigger part of mainstream culture. Over 32 million Americans read blogs, and are they are looking for helpful information on topics that interest them. They are waiting for new content and new blogs to read. The time has never been better to fill that need with your own money making blog.

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