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The Qualities Of An Effective Executive Summary

By:Wade Anderson

A good executive summary should encapsulate all the basic objectives of a business plan. It details the exact capabilities of the company and sets out the complete road map about the companyís intentions as well as its strengths. It unambiguously sets out the content of the business plan, expounding on why the company is best suited for entering into a business partnership. It is a concise synopsis, usually at the beginning of a report, about the findings and recommendations contained within the report.

In case one is preparing a report relating to the physical or financial aspects of the business, the executive summary should highlight the main points of such reports. It will normally include the past and present accomplishments of the company along with recommendations made which will form a part of the conclusions so drawn.

The brief history about the company should spell out all the details, right from inception to its present standing. Every bit of information about the structure of the company is sure to be included in the executive summary. It will also include details about how the company is managed and what is the business organization of the company. A brief study of an executive summary should be enough to give the complete picture relating to the business entity without the need of going into the entire detailed report.

The document will draw on available marketing data to chart out a map of the expected market demand of the product as compared to the companyís projected output. This will help form a better picture of the direction in which expected sales will be moving and how the corresponding output performance of the company will enable meeting this projected demand. Through conduction of surveys help may be taken to further obtain profiles of buyers and thus target production to match these profiles. In addition, the demographic setup of buyers may help the company target customers according to the region where sales are bound to be maximized.

It should say a word about the types of strategies that need to be devised to better meet customer demand. With the advent of the Internet, newer and more effective means of advertising products have come into focus. With no need to travel to a physical shop, the Internet brings the product to the customer right into their very homes. This is an effective marketing strategy that new companies should exploit.

The strengths, weaknesses as well as threat perceptions of the company will direct the future course of action for the business entity. To actively play on the strengths while downplaying its weaknesses will enable the company to flourish in its business. Availing of business opportunities as and when they present themselves and avoiding any and all pitfalls along the way will galvanize the company into reaching greater heights.

To sum up, in all the available information contained in the executive summary there is sure to be mention about unit costs, inventories and capital expenditures of the company. As a matter of fact, all this information gives this document a professionalism which enables the reader to gain an all-encompassing picture about the business entity.

Putting together a good executive summary is of great importance to the success of your company. With the ready availability of pre-defined executive summaries, it is easier and more advisable to use such a document (by simply completing them) without having the additional hassle of writing one from scratch. Use of a professionally designed executive summary is sure to save time, energy and money in almost all cases. So before writing one from scratch, be sure to check out those that are available off the shelf.

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Wade Anderson is a CPA and operates DigitalWorkTools.com

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