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Swordplay, Anyone?

By:Charles Kassotis

What’s so great about a sword? They’re really not in vogue anymore as far as everyday fashion wear or home decorating. No one wears a sword to make a social statement except, perhaps, the Samurai warriors. Yet there’s something about a sword that continues to fascinate popular culture. Swashbuckling pirates, the sword of truth, and cloak-and-dagger plots intrigue us at the bookstore or in the theater. If you have never given much thought to owning a sword, this may be the time to consider it.

A sword can add a rich dimension to many areas of a person’s life. For example, if you dress up in a Halloween costume, or for any kind of costume party, make a sword part of your costume and probably no one will bother you. A sword suggests power, courage, and strength, so carry one to bolster your confidence, unless you plan to dress up as the Tooth Fairy. If you’re decorating a home or office for a costume party, hang a sword on the wall or over the door to add a touch of the macabre.

Swords make interesting collector’s items, too. You can buy ancient weaponry from collectors around the world, but they fetch a high price. It also may be difficult to care for them properly, and then you also have to worry about burglars who will try to make off with your treasure. If you keep it in the open, like over the fireplace or in the family room on display, you may want to remind the kids not to play with it and think about adding a security system to your home. You should also plan to learn something about your sword’s time period and history so you can share this exciting information with guests, who are sure to ask.

Conversely, you may prefer to opt for a look-alike sword, one that is basically of little value but is made to resemble the real thing. You can still mount it for show it as a conversation piece without the hassle of warding off thieves. But it is even more important with the faux model to have a bit of background to offer interested visitors. You can do the same in your office at work, if you are inclined to decorate with personal items there. In fact, a particular sword may constitute a thematic element around which you can decorate a particular room in a matching style, like classical Japanese or colonial Spanish, etc. Then shop for accessories that will enhance the look and feel of your special room to make you feel as though you had stepped back in time.

For the consummate sword admirer, there is always the option of fencing lessons. Learn how to thrust and parry for fun and exercise while mastering this original art form. Sign up for a fencing class with a friend or spouse, and enjoy playing with these weapons in a safe and responsible manner.

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