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How Thinking Outside the Box Explodes Your Sales

By:Daegan Smith

Have you ever believed when somebody told you that in order to succeed you must think outside the box? What is that box in the first place? What does it mean to think outside the box?

Basically, experts contend that in every organization, whether it is a business, an institution, or just a group of friends, they are all confined in "boxes." This is the invisible four walls of seclusion where people feel safe and free because it is their area of expertise.

In that box, they have already become accustomed to its surroundings and its beliefs. Hence, the problem lies on the fact that when people try to solve the problem, they cannot think of a better way because they are so much constrained on the familiarity of the box.

Take for example in an organization or business. The problem with the people or the business people is that whenever there is a crisis within the company, they cannot see the real problem because they are so much "packed" with the rules and regulations that are being implemented in the organization.

The thing with people in businesses is that they can no longer think of better ideas because they are confined to the thoughts and ideas that are available around them.

So, when a person in authority asks his employees to “think outside the box” that would mean that they have to think like a beginner that is still fresh, untainted with the rules that govern the organization, free from the radicals of the system, and unconstrained by the biases that can only be found inside the box.

When you think out of the box, you try to see the organization from the outside. From here, you will not be pressured by any commands or demands. You will not be confined in a secluded area where you live each day by the system.

When you think out of the box, you try to face all the trials and think, on your own, of some ways to overcome these trials.

Therefore, for businesspeople who are not yet aware of the benefits that thinking outside the box can bring, here is a list of the advantages and the reasons why thinking outside the box can definitely explode your sales:

1. It enables the beginners mind in you

If you want to think outside the box, it means that you have to instigate the beginners mind in you. This refers to the attitude that you have back when you were just starting in the business.

Think about the passion you have before. Think about the creative thinking that you have before. They are the ones that have put you to where you are now. Funny thing is, you do not have them anymore. That’s why your sales are very low.

This is because you are already confined in the box, where you have built your reasons, your mindset that you are already successful, and the fact that you are already established.

So, in order to think outside the box and boost your sales, bring back that passion, the fighter’s spirit that you are willing to take any challenges just so you can increase your sales.

2. You are able to take risk

If you will think outside the box, you will be motivated to take the risk from the outside. The problem with most people is that they are so confined and comfortably settled on their boxes that they do not want to take some risk.

If this is the case, then, you will never succeed. Successful people say that in order to succeed in the business, you must be willing to take more risk.

3. It creates conscious awareness that originates from the outside

When people are confined inside the box, they are already numb from their surroundings. Like robots, they follow rules and the system controls them.

If you will think outside the box, you will be freed from logical thinking, from the system that is slowly transforming people into robots. If you think outside the box, you gain back the conscious awareness that you have once acquired. And this can only be obtained from the outside.

From here, you will be able to think freer, which means you are able to create new ideas that will generate and increase your sales.

4. It gives you back the physical realities of life

The problem with most salespeople is that they are so confined, so focused of earning a better income by improving their sales. The tendency is that they become emotional, and when their emotions had controlled them, they can no longer think of better ways to improve their sales. They only believe that they have to sell really hard because it’s the only way.

But when you think outside the box, you will be able to get rid of your emotions that confined you. With higher level of self-esteem, you know that sales are not just about selling, that it is also like an art that needs creativity. It also needs your time, your devotion, and determination in order to boost your sales.

You see, people should learn how to think outside the box. They should get rid of the magnets that pull them back into the system. When we think outside the box, we go back to the reality. We go back to where humans were created. Thus, through this process, we become aware of our existence, away from the controls of the system.

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