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A Look At All The Various Types Of Paintball Games You Can Play

By:Gregg Hall

If you are into paintball or thinking of getting into it, there are many variations that can be played. In addition to the simple choice of playing indoors or outdoors there are also variants within each of those genres. Despite the differences al of the games have a single purpose which is to shoot your opponent before they shoot you!

Here’s a look at some of the more popular types of paintball games being played today:

The first one we will have a look at is the old standby, “Capture the Flag”. This is a takeoff on the game of the same name that many of us are familiar with. The way the game is played is by each of the teams trying to find and capture the opposing team’s flag while guarding their own flag from being taken. Victory is achieved by getting the opponent’s flag safely back to your base camp without being killed.

Another popular game is called “Elimination”. In this game the first team to succeed in taking out all of the participants in the opposing team is deemed the winner. This is a fun game, even if only one remains standing his team wins.

Center Flag is a variation of the Capture the Flag game, in this version the game starts with a flag being placed in a neutral area usually in the center of the field, the team that is able to get the flag all the way through to the opposing team’s end of the paintball field wins the game.

Resurrection is a variation of Elimination except that in this version players may resurrect or come back into the game at the designated starting point once they are shot. This game is sometimes played in conjunction with Capture The Flag.

The last paintball game variation we will look at is one sometimes called “Just Plain Crazy”, also known as superman, total elimination, and counterstrike. This extremely brutal version is played solo or on teams and begins with each player or team at opposite sides of the field. Next they rush to the middle of the field and begin firing with the last person standing or the last person on a team winning the game.

This is usually done at the end of a round of paintball to get rid of paintballs and expend the CO2 cartridges or empty tanks. You are not eliminated with a single shot like in other variations, people quit due to pain or from running out of paintballs or air.

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Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find Army surplus and military clothing at http://www.militaryandoutdoorgear.com

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