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Things to do in San Diego: Legoland

By:ameen kamadia

Imagine an entire amusement park made out of legos. Thatís what Legoland is. It has rides, shows, and plenty of displays made out of legos. And these are the regular small legos that you can buy in the store, not overly large blocks.

The park is generally geared towards kids. Most of the rides are kiddie rides, that they can enjoy with their parents. But there are a couple roller coasters that everyone can enjoy. And there is a new ride that even we were too chicken to ride. If you like being twisted and turned, upside down and right side up, you will love this new ride.

Legoland is located just outside San Diego in Carlsbad, about an hour away from Los Angeles.

There are many places that have coupons for the park so be in the lookout. When we went in January of 2006, they were even offering two days for the price of one.

My husbandís favorite part was the life size Darth Vader made out of black Legos, complete with red lightsaber. This thing was at least seven feet tall. They also had a seven foot Chewbacca.

In the middle of the park is a Lego size recreation of many of the countries most visited cities. They recreated New York City, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Florida, and a few others. You have to see it for yourself to believe the details they put into it.

There is also a separate boat ride, where you travel along and see several of the other creations made out of Legos, like the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal, and Mount Rushmore. There are even a couple of lego people cleaning the wax out of the ears of one of the Rushmore presidents.

At night, during peak times, there is a small fireworks show that closed out the day with a bang. The best place to see them in by Legoland USA. If you head towards the back there are some benches that offer a great view.

Throughout the park there are other small lego creations that are great to take pictures with. My husband actually forced to me get in line with the kids so he could take a picture of me with my head in a Lego lionís mouth. Itís his favorite picture which he even posted on his blog for all his customers and friends to see.

Even if you donít have kids, but are kids at heart or are looking for a fun day walking around, seeing happy people, and reliving your childhood Legoland will be a great experience. I am not a roller coaster person myself, but even I enjoyed the rides. The best part for me was watching my husband get so happy and jump up and down with joy. It was a bit embarrassing but it was worth it to see him so happy.

One more tip. Towards the back of the park there is a stand that sells apple fries. These are green apple pieces fried and top with whip cream. They are delicious! You definitely must try these if you go. Itís a must.

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