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Change Your Life With This Song!

By:Daegan Smith

Remember that song “Dust in the Wind?” You may think it funny but some of the biggest mysteries of life are written into the lyrics of that song. Yes, it may be awkward to name a pop song as a tome for the wise, but to come to think of it, the song does make sense, enough sense that if you really look deep into the lyrics you could learn a thing or two that would change your life. And from these lessons you could synthesize a few more rules that will change your outlook towards life and could make your life a whole lot better.

1. We are Dust in the Wind - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Youth can make us feel invincible. However, we are not. No matter how you look at it, there will always be two constants, birth and death. And for all of us alive right now, there is no mistaking that we are all mortal. Our time on this world is short. It is finite. It has an end.

So how does this affect the way we live? For one, it will teach us to measure our days. You have been given a loan of about 75 years on this world. What should you with it? Waste it? Is there any goal that you have been putting off for a decade? Look at it this way - a decade is about 1/7th of your life. That time won’t come back? When will you be able to work on your goal? The time is now, and it is passing you by.

It is one of the greatest wisdoms if one were to look at his life, measure it, and know what to do with the limited time he or she has on this world. With this short life, try to use your time wisely.

2. Time is Gold - We hear this all the time. And we seem to think that this means that time is meant to be used to earn gold - or that we should do something to earn with the working hours we have per day. This has some truth to it. However, the true meaning of this phrase is that time is priceless. It is here but once, afterwards it is gone, and no amount of money can bring it back.

Then what should we do with our time? We shouldn’t waste it. That’s for sure. This is why many people work so hard everyday - to make the most of their time to earn more. This isn’t that bad at all. Unfortunately, people sometimes overlook that money is not the only thing - and not even the most precious thing - one could get in exchange for their money.

If time is gold - then what are memories. Remember that Kodak ad? Memories are more precious than gold. They too are priceless (to come to think of it, you could pitch in the MasterCard ad as well). Think about the people and the things you hold the dearest. They may be your spouse, your children, your friends, and your beliefs. But whatever they may be, if you hold them dear, then spend your time on these things. The memories you will pass on to your children of their time with their parents are irreplaceable and have much effect on the future.

People often put off these things since they seem to be always there saying, “I’ll spend time with them later” they’re just there anyway - but this job cant wait. Unfortunately, these people often realize too late that their children, or spouse, or friends wont be there forever. Children grow up and leave. Friends could relocate. Spouses could become cold and distanced. If you know your priorities, spend time for them.

Drop of Water in the Endless Sea - Yes, people are part of a cycle that goes on and on and on. No matter who you may be, or how great you are, the world will keep on turning without you. You are not the center of the world or the universe for that matter. This life is finite. So what should you do with this life? Spend it for something that will outlive it, your children, your beliefs, etc. Some people spend their life preparing for something big, but in the end lay on their deathbeds not knowing what it is. You are smarter. Invest in this life so that it may go beyond this life.

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