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PlayStation - Are You a Video Game Junkie?

By:Sandra Stammberger

Are you a video game junkie? Do you find that you’d rather be in front of the TV, playing your favorite PlayStation game, more than you’d care to admit? If the answer is yes, you are not alone.

The first PlayStation was launched in Japan in late 1994. The American launch occurred shortly thereafter. Many of the original PlayStation games, such as Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Gran Turismo, are still extremely popular today.

As of May 2004, Sony (the company that manufactures the PlayStation) had shipped approximately 100 million consoles, worldwide. As of March 2005, there were over 7,500 game titles available for purchase.

There has been more than one version of the PlayStation manufactured, over the years. These newer versions offered improvements, over the original system. They reduced problems, such as flickering video and noisy consoles.

Gamers can still purchase the PlayStation 1 (PSone) if they are interested in a smaller version of the original. The PSone hit the market in September 2000 and is one-third of the size of a PlayStation.

The PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation Portable were later introduced to gamers and are still available today. The next generation of this system, the PlayStation 3, is slated to make its debut in the fall of 2006.

“PlayStation Junkies” who have Internet access can easily locate original games on a variety of auction sites and through online discount venders. Two, even less inexpensive means of obtaining older games are flea markets and yard sales.

If you get stuck while playing your favorite PlayStation game, don’t despair. There are books available, which will guide you through the game… start to finish. Again, auction sites, yard sales and flea markets are the best place to find these, since many are no longer in print.

Sony never stops giving new and advanced electronic toys to the consumers. One such latest gift by Sony to video game fans is PlayStation3. It is an advanced version of the previously released PlayStation2. PlayStation3 was released in 2006. Today more than 10 million units of PS3 have been sold worldwide. The striking feature of PS3 is that it can play both CD’s and DVD’s. Moreover it also provides the facility for playing DVD and CD movies. PS3 is also compatible with the USB support.

There are countless websites that provide hints and cheat codes for almost every PlayStation game, as well.

So if you are a video game junkie the web will offer you an enormous amount of information on your favorite games. It is also recommended to shop for your favorite game online. In a lot of cases you will get it a lot cheaper than at a regular store.

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