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If You Want To Rekindle The Passion In Your Relationship Try These Things Now

By:Gregg Hall

Donít wait until your relationship is totally dead to try to reawaken the passion. It takes a sincere effort to be aware of the passion starting to fade and being willing to do something about it. Depending on how cold you have allowed yours to get it may take only small things to get the passion back or it may take real effort and even counseling.

One easy way to help bring the fire back into a dying relationship is to plan a weekend for two at a romantic hideaway where you can just focus on each other with no work, no computers, and no cell phones! If you can plan these kinds of trips every few months it can go a long way to keeping the passion alive.

Many times the cause of the lack of passion goes hand in hand with the person feeling a lack of respect from their partner. For women, it may be that they feel that their mate isnít as attracted to them anymore or they feel unwanted. For men, it is usually more of an issue with their job or income. They may feel that their partner doesnít respect them because they donít earn enough money or they may feel taken advantage of. All of these things should be discussed, if you are feeling any of this talk it out with your partner. Put your partner first and these problems will go away.

Another cool way to get that spark back is to try something together that neither of you have done before, something bold and exciting like going diving or even snorkeling in some place with clear pretty water like the Bahamas or Hawaii, or even where I live in Florida. Try kayaking on weekends, it is lots of fun and great exercise and you get to be alone for hours!

Sometimes just the simple act of holding hands can help to bring back the passion. For most women it is a big deal and it makes them feel wanted. Men, donít just grab your womanís hand when you see other guys gawking at her. This simple little act can go a long way to keeping the love alive.

Plan nights for dates to keep your relationship fresh and feeling like it did in the beginning. My wife and I go to the movies and dinner every Friday night, it isnít that expensive and the rewards are priceless. Planning a date night like this lets your partner know that you care about them and that you want to spend time with them.

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