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My Favorite Guns: The CZ 550 Full Stock in 9.3x62

By:Kelsey Hilderbrand

The first time I was asked if I had a CZ 550 Full stock in 9.3x62 available, my response was a simple “huh?” I wasn’t even aware of the presence of the caliber let alone CZ-USA actually factory producing firearms in this calibration. I was able to get one in for the customer but before long, began receiving all sorts of requests for more. This was an intriguing gun for me. Not only had it painfully revealed my ignorance towards metric and European calibers, but it also had a sort of cult following here in the USA. It was time for a research project into a whole new world of calibers for me.

The 9.3x62 turns out to be a fairly popular caliber in Europe and Africa and is mostly comparable to the more familiar 35 Whelen. It is a rimless cartridge with a case length of 2.441” which is slightly shorter than the 30-06. In calibration terms, the 9.3mm is equivalent to a .366” caliber with various bullet weights 250-300 grains which can provide a velocity around 2400 FPS and ft/lbs of energy around 3,500. This makes the gun acceptable for all large game found in North America and acceptable for plains game of Africa. The caliber is impressive, but it is only half of the package.

The CZ 550 Full Stock is an impressive gun on its own featuring a full length Mannlicher styled stock. CZ has done an excellent job of finding high grade Turkish walnut wood which shows beautiful grain and figure. Even the “field grade” wood is exceptional compared to other grades of wood in the same price ranges. Some of the fancier grades bring higher premiums from shooters looking for a unique collector’s piece.

The Full Stock model of the 550 does not come with rings like the standard 550 does, but is outfitted with an open buckhorn and hooded front site. While I prefer open sites for brush hunting or quick acquisition of targets, I couldn’t resist the lure of optics. This is a classic rifle and I wanted to make sure I maintained the classic look of the old days of Safari Hunting. I mounted a Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-5x20mm scope on it and found it enhanced both the appearance and performance. The best of both worlds was present with the technological advances of the Leupold VX-III with the look of the old Weaver K-3.

The 550 FS package in 9.3x62 is an outstanding firearm which revives the spirit of hunting elephants in India or greater African Kudu on the Serengeti. The gun is made from the legends of Safari and carries the fire of Lions Eyes staring at you from the brush. The full stock throws to the shoulder very nicely and is extremely stable from a standing or prone shooting position. The addition of the factory single set trigger gives this gun an even better advantage on longer range shooting. Overall, this gun has everything you need to meet the demands of any hunter or collector while providing the tools to help you make your own legend. Can you hear the jungle calling?

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Kelsey Hilderbrand is a life long hunter, gun enthusiast, and founder of High Mountain Hunting Supply

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