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How To Choose A Travel Agent You Wonít Regret

By:Gregg Hall

When it comes to making travel arrangements a travel agent can either make the process a dream or a nightmare. If you travel on a frequent basis finding a good travel agent that is reliable and trustworthy can be as important as a financial planner or a dentist. Here are a few tips to help you find a good one that wonít have you pulling your hair out while you are trying to plan a relaxing vacation.

One of the reasons for enlisting the services of is the fact that they can generally get better deals than the public due to the relationships they have formed with travel related companies such as airlines, hotels, and rental car companies. Their ability to get better deals is a great reason to use them but I like to use a travel agent just for the convenience. I can just call them up and tell them where I want to go and they will call me back with three or four choices to consider.

Like anything else, the key to finding a travel agent you can rely on is research. You can start out by asking friends and family for referrals of travel agents that they have enlisted the services of. Another excellent tool at your disposal of course, is the internet. With the internet you can find a list of agencies in your area and peruse their sites along with reviews and testimonials of their service. Look for forums and message boards where travelers talk about traveling and their experiences with travel agents. Even though everyone will have different opinions you can rest assured that a travel agent that gest good remarks from most people will be someone you can work with.

Another key indicator that can help in your search to find a good travel agent is whether they belong to the American Society of Travel Agents. The reason this is important is that allows the travel agents the ability to network with other members of the group such as cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and many other travel related companies. There are also certain minimum qualifications that must be met and maintained which means that the person involved will be more conscientious than one that is not a member.

It is perfectly right and acceptable for you to interview the prospective agent and ask questions of their qualifications and experience in order to make up your mind if they are the right agency for you and that they will be able to satisfy your travel needs. You should also ask them for references of clients who have used their services so you can get a third partís take on them. By doing these things as you look for a travel agent it should help you to find one that will be good for you.

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Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. For more on car rentals for your vacation go to http://www.economycarrentalagency.com

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