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Feeling Sluggish? Try A Colonic Cleanse

By:Lee Dobbins

A colonic cleanse can clear the body of unwanted toxins that have accumulated due to environmental pollution as well as the poor eating habits of our society. Each day industrial poisons enter our bodies and they are not always eliminated. These accumulated poisons can be the source of many different diseases and a colonic cleanse eliminates them before they can become a problem.

Many of these poisons are found in processed foods. They slowly build up in the intestines and
create a barrier which prevents the normal absorption of healthy nutrients by the body. This results in lower energy levels and higher risk levels for disease. A colonic cleanse will rid the
intestines of this barrier and will result in higher energy levels and a general feeling of well-being.

The colon will let you know when it needs a colonic cleanse. Some of the symptoms of a clogged or dirty colon are such diseases as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gas, bloating, stomach pain, and chronic fatigue. If you have tried other methods to eliminate these problems and nothing works, then try a colonic cleanse. Thereís a very real possibility that a colonic cleanse will eliminate most if not all of these symptoms.

Not only will a colonic cleanse help eliminate the above mentioned symptoms and diseases it will also help eliminate such problems as constipation, parasites, bad breath, headaches, irritability, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, and frequent colds. If this sounds like a miracle drug, itís not. A colonic cleanse merely allows the body to do what itís suppose to do, i.e. properly digest and assimilate nutrients from the foods we eat. Without this proper digestion and absorption of food the body can not function correctly. Thus a colonic cleanse aids the body in doing what it is supposed to do.

It is estimated that the average adult human being has between five to forty pounds of waste in
their bowels and it is this waste that a colonic cleanse eliminates. There are several ways to go
about cleaning the colon one of the ways is through an enema. An enema inserts water or some other liquid through the rectum into the lower bowel. It is effective in eliminating constipation but does not necessarily cleanse the entire colon.

Another and some think more effective way of handling a colonic cleanse is through herbal
supplements. A common herbal supplement is psyllium based, and although it will help you empty your bowels it does not necessary clear away any barriers that have built up over time. This is also true of laxatives which can cause dehydration and other problems.

A colonic cleansing diet is yet another way to cleanse the colon. Eliminating sugars, fast foods,
and processed foods and adding fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and the healthy oils
such as olive oil to your diet will help the intestines process the incoming nutrients and flush away accumulated toxins in the colon.

As you can see, a colonic cleanse is a necessary part of any wellness plan, the only thing you
have to do is decide which colonic cleanse is the best one for you.

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Lee Dobbins writes for Colon Articles where you can learn more about colonic cleansing and caring for your most vital organ, your colon.

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