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Anorexia Treatment Goals

By:Mayoor Patel

The main goal in any anorexia treatment is to help the patient to attain and keep a normal, healthy weight. This is much easier said than done and it is often very difficult to persuade the sufferer, of even the simple fact that they are ill. When they do accept the need for treatment, then it can still be very difficult to get them to accept that the amount of food that is recommended, is what they need to eat to keep them healthy.

The other important factor in the diet part of their anorexia treatment, is that they have a good diet that gives them all the nutrients that they need. This should usually include fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and fats. This way their health may begin to improve and they may begin to be able to do things that they could not before, if their health was affected by their illness.

The ability to make friends and to maintain relationships that are not just with other anorexia nervosa sufferers, is very important in anorexia treatments. This is a very important factor in keeping the patient happy, as it means that they see people that are not just talking and thinking about anorexia and this gives them more perspective on what normal living is.

One of the more enjoyable aspects to an anorexia treatment is in learning how to have fun again. This gives them more of a sense of purpose than just getting better and also gives them something to look forward to.
In some anorexia treatments the sufferer is encouraged to take a more realistic attitude towards failure and the lack of precision in others. This is not easy for someone who has always sought what he or she thought of as perfection. If they can realize that there is not really any need for this in everyday living, then it can make things a lot easier for them.
Teaching someone to eat well and take a gentle attitude towards the lack of perfection in everything around them, may sound fairly simple, but it a question of helping the patient to see that this is the way that most people think and that it is the easiest way to get on that is the real challenge.

It is a struggle but with the right attitude it can be beaten and is constantly beaten by thousands of people every day.

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