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Holidays In Breckenridge

By:Stephen mcbride

With breathtaking views and historic elegance, the Victorian town of Breckenridge stands tall in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado. Being in near proximity to Denver makes it an easily accessible and preferred vacationing town for national and international visitors year after year.

Breckenridge was founded in 1859 and is famous for the Tomís Baby Ė a gold nugget found in 1887 by Tom Groves. This led to the Gold Rush and Breckenridge was thoroughly ruined as any other mining town in those times. After the rush was over in the early 1900ís, Breckenridge was ignored apart from a few tenacious villagers that decided to stay.

Around the 1960ís, Breckenridge was rediscovered by a company called Wichita, that started developing Peak 8 for skiing trails and offered daily rates of $4. This led to the discovery of the 2000 odd natural, snowy and most suited terrain for skiing. Today the Breckenridge ski resort boasts of about 150 trails suited to amateurs and experienced alike. Breckenridge has become the most sought after winter vacation destination in America.

Apart form winters Breckenridge lodging also offers many a activity during the summer and the spring seasons that include camping, hiking, trailing, fly fishing etc. in addition to social activities like the annual music festival and the snow sculpting competitions.

Breckenridge today has over 500 places of accommodation, over 200 restaurants, about 40 bars, pubs and clubs in town in addition to those on the skiing slopes. This small mining town has grown to being one of the major tourist attractions across the globe.

Getting to Breckenridge is very easy. It is just a simple drive form Denver. Moreover free rides are available all across the Summit country making it very easy to access Breckenridge and the adjoining towns.

Lodging at Breckenridge is of the glorious variety. Small, big, cheap, luxurious, expensive, you name the category and you can get the lodgings of your choice. However, booking early has become very important to get the right lodging that suits your needs. The lodging at Breckenridge is very comfortable with most amenities built into the quarters. The service is of the highest standards irrespective of the price, since the inhabitants of Breckenridge are known for their hospitality and environmental friendliness.

Finding suitable lodging at Breckenridge is not a problem at all. With the advent of the internet, it has become easy to find the lodging of your choice and budget. Many a lodgings also give you a overlook of their room sizes and amenities, so that you can select with ease. While deciding on a vacation at Breckenridge, make sure that your lodgings are booked at least a month in advance to avoid let downs.

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