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Best Gifts for Toddlers and Young Children

By:Christine Harrell

Finding toys that toddlers will really use and enjoy can be hit or miss. While there are lots of toys on the market that cater to this age group, toddlers often spend more time playing with the box than the toy itself. The most timeless toddler toys are those that spark imagination and appeal to multiple senses. We’ve compiled a list of the best toddler toys according to toy enthusiasts, parents, and toddlers themselves.

Kids sleeping bags:
Toddlers love the comfort of kids sleeping bags when curling up to watch a movie in the living room, playing in pretend in a fort under the dining room table, or staying the night at a relative’s house. The bright colors and whimsical patterns of kids sleeping bags by Bazoongi Kids are fun for toddlers and keep them warm and cozy. These kids sleeping bags are nice for parents too as they are built to withstand many washes and compress nicely into a travel bag.

Kids puzzles:
Toddler age kids puzzles are always a good way to entertain a toddler while building problem-solving skills. The most popular toddler age kids puzzles are those made of wood with 12 or fewer blocky pieces. To capture the imagination of a busy toddler, kids puzzles should be colorful and appeal to the sense of imagination and touch. Among our top picks are the 3D food series kids puzzles by Guidecraft. The pieces look like and feel like real sandwich halves, fried eggs, and cantaloupe slices and are simple for toddlers to fit into the study puzzle board.

Play Food:
Perhaps it’s because food is such a new and wonderful experience for toddlers that they all seem to love playing pretend with play food. Play food comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and qualities. The more realistic the play food, the more toddlers seem to be drawn to it. Bananas with realistic looking age spots, cucumbers with prickles, and cheese that looks like it’s just been sliced from the block are a big hit with toddlers.

Child Room Décor:
Fun little things that make a child’s room a more magical place to be are always a great gift. Toddlers are just beginning to develop a sense of independence and a unique sense of self. Child room décor gifts can come in all shapes and sizes from fanciful bookends, to bright little throw pillows, to a whimsical wall clock. Growth charts are a wonderful element of child room décor that kids will use with anticipation for years. Fun picture frames and wall albums like the Sunny Wall Album are other kinds of child room décor well received by toddlers who greatly enjoy pictures of themselves and loved ones.

When reflecting on childhood, almost everyone can remember favorite toddler toys and items of comfort. When choosing toddler toys and gifts, give some thought to the richness of the memories that the gift might create. Giving a child a timeless gift that they will remember for a lifetime like kids sleeping bags, kids puzzles, play food, or child room décor is an extremely rewarding experience for both of you.

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