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What is Hair Transplantation?

By:Ian Koch

In the older days the only option was a wig. Then various hair loss products like creams and lotions appeared on the hair loss treatment market as an alternative; a wig could never substitute your own hair if you could stop the loss of it and make it grow again. This was a good alternative for some people.

But the real revolution came a few years later when the hair transplantation option appeared Ė which was considered as the ultimate hair loss treatment. Hair transplantation is the most radical hair loss treatment as well, and of course the most expensive. If you are suffering from male pattern baldness, then hair transplantation may be the best solution. If you are considering hair replacement, Maryland contains many clinics that can provide help.

When men start suffering from hair loss, it can be a big blow to their self-esteem. Hair transplantation is one way to recover from this. Hair transplantation is a surgical process, which takes small pieces of scalp from the back and sides of the head, and are transplanted into the bald spots.

Hair transplantation is cosmetic surgery, which is usually performed on men who have a large amount of hair loss. It is generally performed by a doctor at a clinic or hospital. Like many other states, when it comes to specialists in hair replacement Maryland has a number of private clinics where the surgery can be performed discretely. A man will, on average, need about 1,000 grafts to restore the hair. Each hair transplantation procedure will do about 250 grafts, so there will need to be several surgeries that are normally done about three months apart.

The most usual procedure is to take a small strip of hair and scalp from the back of the hair. These grafts are then cut into smaller pieces. Slices are then made into the balding part of the scalp, and the small clumps of hair are planted into these. The client is often given a local anaesthetic prior to the hair transplantation.

It is important to be able to find a good clinic. If you are searching for a clinic that specialises in hair replacement, Maryland phone books will provide a good source of addresses. You may also consider looking at the Internet in order to find a clinic, as many clinics now advertise in this way. Book a consultation, and take advice from a family doctor.

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