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eBook Topic - How to Choose your Right Topic

By:Victor Lorentzo

Before you start considering your eBook topic you should get a notepad and a pen in front of you. Every time you find a new topic just write it down. No topic is too stupid to be written on the list. Just note it down and leave the considerations of the topics for later.

The first you need to look at is your own interests. The odds are good that there are thousands of other internet searchers that have the same interest and are interested in information about the subject. Your interest might be playing tennis, fixing cars, trading stocks, playing piano, collecting stamps, what do I know?

You can also choose to write a topic about something you are really good at. During your life you have probably picked up a few tricks. You might be good at making relationships with people, raising your child, starting a business, trading cartoons, dating etc. The list could be longer than the equator. The most important thing is that you find something that you feel you got some knowledge about.

Another source of eBook topics is your work experience. People love to improve their expertise in their profession and would appreciate if someone could learn them some tips and tricks about the subject. Don’t think your work experience is to boring or uninteresting for other people, or that only a few people share your profession. There are more than 600 million people surfing the internet and the number is growing every day.

After going through the steps presented above you should have collected a few possible topics on your list. If you have not you should free your mind and try it once more. The next thing you need to do is to investigate your market. There are several hints out there that will tell you weather or not the topic is of interest to an audience.

The first thing you could do is to see if there are any magazines or books about the subject of interest. Try to search for some keywords at amazon.com or other places that sells books. You can also check how well this book is doing. By searching in Google for your keywords together with the word “magazine” you can see if there are any magazines on the subject. You can also use the word ezine instead of magazine. An ezine is magazines that operate only on the internet. The more books or magazines you find, the more people are reading about the subject.

You can also use the keyword suggestion tool from overture to see how many people that searched for your topic last month. If the number of searches is more than a few thousands there is definitively a market.

Websites can also just like magazines and books give you an indication of how many people that are searching for your subject. Search for your subject in Google or your favourite search engine and see how many websites that are writing about your subject.

Once you have found a subject that is of interest to you and you find that an ok number of people are interesting in reading about the subject you are ready to go.

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Victor Lorentzo is an article writer in internet marketing and eBooks. You can visit his website at http://www.ebook-123.com

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