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How To Master The Techniques Of Backgammon

By:David Barnes

Backgammon has been a popular game for many years. It is a game similar to checkers, however your strategy is the complete opposite. Backgammon instructions are easy to follow and anyone can play Backgammon. When you purchase a backgammon game, there are usually always backgammon instructions that come along to walk you through.

The main goal of the game backgammon is for each of the players to get all of his or her game pieces onto the home board and then to find a way to get all the pieces off the Backgammon board. The first player to achieve this is the winner of the game.

To start the backgammon game, figure out who will go first. You can roll the die for this and whoever gets the bigger number goes first. This is just the easiest way to determine who goes first, without any conflict.

Each player will get a turn to move his or her pieces. The players will first roll the dice before every move. You will move with whatever consists with the roll of the dice. If you roll a 4 and 3, then you will move seven slots. You can break the moves up between two game pieces. In other words, move one four spaces and the other piece three. You just have to make sure you move one game piece in accordance with the number on one of the die rolled. And the other piece in accordance with the other number rolled. The game of backgammon really easy to learn.

If the same number would appear on both dice rolled, then the roller would be allowed double what the number is. For example, if you roll a 2-2, then the roller is allowed four moves instead of two. There are instructions in the game to remind of the hard plays and so you can refer back to when you need to.

You get a point by getting two or more of your game pieces on it. Once this occurs, the opponent cannot come to rest on that point when taking the combination of his dice.

There are different terms and circumstances that must be followed during the course of the game. When you are stuck on what to do, you can go back and look in the instructions to the game to figure it out, has tips and instructions. If you are playing for the first time and your opponent is a pro, then they can help you along and give you pointers throughout the game.

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David Barnes
phd. Social Sciences

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How To Master The Techniques Of Backgammon


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