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How do you master web design?

By:Maricon Williams

1. Do not center everything. Doing so will just give your web design a scattered and disorganized look. When it comes to layout, centering tends to waste so much space. Try to maximize space. It is there for a purpose. Do not overlook that purpose.

In a nutshell, use space with cautiousness so as not to appear scattered at the same time not crowded. Use columns for better organization. That way, the contents are easy to read and the images will not appear as an eyesore.

2. To make your page more attractive, apply an efficient contrast. Contrast can be applied to color, size, value and weight of an image. Contrast has something to do with the clearness, brightness and volume of an image, logo or graphics. It can also be applied to texts and other objects of the web design. If you get it right, your web design will look organized and easy to scan. Be assured that the viewers will not find it hard to glance and search your site’s contents.

3. Be sure that sections are well separated. It must be easy to trace and the contents are easy to read. To distinguish one section from the other, you can use different colors or a thin line will do. Using borders is also a good remedy. Another option is to use blank ‘buffer zones’. This is somewhat similar to the concept of borders and dividing lines the only difference is that you are creating invisible lines to separate the parts of a page.

4. If web design is the queen, the king must be the content. Thus, to make your site functional, make sure that the information is tight and full. So not waste the space. Put something in it to make it productive.

Bear in mind that your site is not mainly to entertain their eyes. It is there to cater to their needs, answer their queries and tickle their fancies.

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